Weekend Boxoffice Report September 3rd-5th

The Labour Day weekend is officially over after today, but the official weekend ended yesterday and Boxoffice Mojo has the estmates:

The American – $12,969,000 – Opening
Takers – $11,450,000 – 2wks
Machete – $11,300,000 – Opening
The Last Exorcism – $7,550,000 – 2wks
Going the Distance – $6,885,000 – Opening

Its an extremely tight race for the top spot as The American, Takers and Machete seem to all have a near equal share for the top spot with The American showing more potential to take the long weekend tally.

I am honestly not surprised to see Machete on the backside of that list, as this summer seems to be one for cult popular films not seeing the love we anticipate. Guess that’s why they are cult popular and not just outright popular.

But this last weekend of summer may give people some free time, but it seems they are not spending it at the theaters!

Did you see anything this weekend?

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4 thoughts on “Weekend Boxoffice Report September 3rd-5th

  1. Machete was fun. I loved the American. Anton Corbijn shoots movies beautifully. The marketing jackasses behind the American like to mislead you into thinking it’s an action film. It’s not…at all. It’s more of a character study and there is more visual narrative and story telling. If you loved Valhalla Rising, like I did…you’ll love the American.

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