Breaking Dawn: A Year Between Part 1 And 2

Not some time ago, it was announced that Breaking Dawn, the last book in the Twilight storyline, was going to be split into two movies. Now it’s been stated that the release for these two halves, will have a set date, with a complete year in between.

JoBlo reports:

Summit is now reporting that Part One is coming November 18th of 2011, and Part Two on November 16th of 2012.

I have no idea what to expect from these two films. I’ve never read any of the Twilight books, so I have no idea what Breaking Dawn is all about. Maybe you guys can tell me a little bit about it. I’m not affected at all by this decision. Why not expand the Twilight public interest for another year. That means more money in between. Also, something positive to look at, is that if the first part sucks (like all of them have), then they have a year to make the last part a little bit better. Is that even possible?

You affected by this news? Will you be able to wait another year for the end? Will life go on after Twilight ends? Or will Stephenie Meyer come out writing more stuff in a couple of years?

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7 thoughts on “Breaking Dawn: A Year Between Part 1 And 2

  1. I did not understand the Twilight hype either until I read the books. The books are amazing. The movies definitely do not do the books justice. That being said, I understand why Breaking Dawn is being split into two movies. This is a very long book and a lot happens in this book. The wedding, the honeymoon, Bella’s pregnancy with the half vampire child Renesmee that almost kills her, Bella becomes a vampire, and a lot more. It would be very hard to get all of the important stuff into a 2 hour movie. Movies already leave out tons of important details from books. Breaking Dawn should definitely be split into two movies to tell the story effectively.

  2. What bothers me the most is that this split is purely for money. They saw that Warner Bros. split the last Harry Potter into two (which actually was necessary to the story), and so Summit goes “yeah we’ll do that to twilight too so we can milk this mediocre franchise til 2012”.

    1. It wasn’t anymore necessarily to split Harry Potter’s last movie into two than Breaking Dawn. There’s really no reason why a full, complete story can’t be told in a single movie. From everything seen thus far, it looks like Scott Pilgrim is going to rock — and the early reviews are good — and that was 6 entire volumes squished into one movie. The trick is actually creating a good, compact script.

      1. I think what Johnson was getting at is that HP actually has material to make two full movies out of, what with everything culminating in this book, whereas with Twilight, as has been said before, the climax is really the third one and the last book is really just a too long epilogue. The only way i see this actually working is if they put filler material that wasn’t in the book and keep both films short. Either way, it’ll probably make a buttload of money

  3. It seems like a decision that is motivated purely by money to get the screaming masses out for 2 more go-rounds at the theatre instead of one.
    Breaking dawn is really the epilogue of the story, the climax being Eclipse, so HOW they’ll actually split breaking dawn into 2 books is beyond me.

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