‘She’s Out of my League’ Trailer now online

Jay Baruchel stars in She’s out of my league. You may remember him from Knocked up, Tropic thunder, fanboys etc. I actually think he’s kind of a funny dude.

Collider.com gives us the 411:

The premise is Baruchel plays an average Joe with not much going for him when out of the blue a successful and gorgeous woman falls for him. He’s stunned. So are his friends. The question then becomes how does he keep the girl. While the story about a guy not good enough for a girl or vice versa has been done many times, I laughed watching the trailer and am rooting for the film to be a success.

Looks pretty good, looking forward to seeing this. I actually like this guy and glad he’s getting his shot at his own lead.

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15 thoughts on “‘She’s Out of my League’ Trailer now online

  1. This Baruchel kid is pretty cool and kinda grows on ya.

    like him much better than Micheal Cera.
    Cera’s a good talent, but he’s exactly the same dude in every movie almost.
    we already have Jeremy Piven and Seth Rogen for that we dont need yet another..

    This guy (Baruchel) and Drew Barrymores husband (forget his name) could be brothers

  2. I love Jay Baruchel, he was great in Tropic Thunder especially. And he had the lead in “I’m Reed Fish,” a nice little comedy, and he really held his own. Check it out if you haven’t seen it.

  3. Don’t quite understand all the hate against Brock all of a sudden. He could probably do with a little extra proofreading in his posts, but he has his opinions and everyone else has theirs.

    Like the trailer, by the way.

  4. I like Brock’s posts. I don’t troll the Internet for every story, so I come here for a broad array of stories. I like the quick links to other stories.

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