Captain America Movie Online for Free

I know that title sounds like the spinless spammers that try to comment here offering pirate videos, but this one is legitimate. has the 1990 Captain America film up for free for a limited time.

It has been a while since we have seen Captain America on in a feature film and each and every Marvel film that comes out takes us one step closer to actually seeing the character up there again. But why has it taken so long to take this Star Spangled Superhero on the big screen? Well the last attempt might have had something to do with it.

Those are hard wounds to heal.

Geeks of Doom has the link to watch the full film, for free, legitimately. This version has never been released on DVD or VHS, so this is your only chance. (It’s on Hulu, sorry if you are not in the US)

Go watch it now. If you dare.

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15 thoughts on “Captain America Movie Online for Free

  1. Yes, that movie was sold here in México on VHS, also you can find the even more horrible “fantastic Four” on the flea markets around here, kind of “cult memorabilia” i guess, but both are just crap on tape.

  2. Yeah, that’s true but right at the cusp of 1990 is kinda like 89. no?

    the 80’s was all about buddy cop flicks,decent slasher flicks (winding down),john carpenter’s Thing, E.T. and aids.

    the 90’s gave us Brad Pitt, George Clooney and Grunge..

    I see your point…

  3. 80’s-90’s same difference. had to be like 90 cause that thing carried a 80’s stench all over it..even the clothes reaked of 80’s.

    the real question is: who’s ready to see it again for ol’ Cap’s sake?

  4. I know this piece of shit hasn’t been released on DVD, but this was on VHS. Hell, I remember renting this sucker on VHS sometime during the 90s. You can still find copies for sale online. (best bet, Ebay). Two years ago I purchased a bootleg DVD copy for $10 just so I could say I had it. lol

  5. I remember it well, I saw it on T.V. in the 80’s

    Cheesy beyond belief like the original Fantastic Four movie in the same decade..(and the new one as well)

    But Red Skull looks decent

    1. The film was made in the 90’s, but the way the film looks it might as well been in the 80’s.

      My main problem with the film was they made Capt. America act like a fuckin pussy. He kept getting his ass kicked and stealing cars from characters, and hiding.

    2. Yes, Red Skull was alright, Scott Paulin was fine…in that first introduction as The Red Skull, that is. They took some liberties with that character as well. I always wished in the final showdown that an explosion wrecked the “cosmetic surgery” and make him more Skull looking, but that was just me.

      As for the film itself, I did like this one shot of Cap frozen in ice – and another where Cap is behind his Shield going up a flight of stairs, bullets bouncing off…

      But don’t think I’m giving the Al Pyun flick a pass. That “good stuff” adds up to about two minutes out of a boring hour and a half.

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