Sneak Peak at 25 Minutes of Trek

No, you don’t get to see it, but it appears the studio decided that to curb some of the dissenters they would treat select members of the media to an advanced screening of sorts.

25 minutes of the new Star Trek film was shown to select media and we have Jonathan Llyr from Hardcore Nerdity offers up his take on the whole thing here:

I’ve been skeptical about this movie from the beginning, but was trying to remain cautiously optimistic about the whole thing. I like Abrams, and never had any doubt that he would make a fine action picture. But would it be Star Trek?

The answer is – holy fuck yes.

This movie is going to blown your brains out. I was gob-smacked at the production values, size and scope. All of the actors (with one notable exception) are bang on. I still have a few issues with the look of the bridge and the ship, but those issues have shifted to the background.

Since I haven’t yet seen the whole thing, I have no idea if the entire movie holds together. But from what I’ve seen, we are all going to have a great ride.

And man are you ever going to love Chekov. Never thought I would type that.

I wonder who the exception will be? Clearly not Chekov. I think considering how iconic each member of this cast is if only one is off I anticipate a lot of hate spilled in that direction.

I have been insanely hopeful for this movie and haven’t seen anything to take away from that. With any luck this 25 minute bit they were exposed to represents the whole movie.

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