Stone of Destiny Trailer Online

RowThree describes it:

The comedy, which premiered at the Edinburgh Film Festival earlier this year, tells the true story of a Ian Hamilton and his group of friends who reignited Scottish national pride in the 50s with a trip to England to steal back the Stone of Scone. The film, which features an excellent cast of up and comers including Charlie Cox (who was excellent as Tristan in last year’s Stardust), Kate Mara, Billy Boyd and Robert Carlyle is a whole lot of fun

The movie does look to have a lot of charm. I think I will try and catch it when it comes around these parts.

The film openned already in the UK but will be getting a Canadian release February 20th, 2009. No word as to whether this will be released in the US.

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8 thoughts on “Stone of Destiny Trailer Online

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  2. Can I buy a DVD of the movie.
    I have great memories of having being in the ceremony returning The Stone Of Destiny from Hollyrood Pallace to Edinburgh Castle on St Andrews Day 30th of november 1996.
    I was actually dring the last daimler limosine in the convoy 2 cars behind the Royal Rolls Royce who HRH Prince Andrew was in.
    Also if anyone is interested I have a photogragh of myself standing beside the Land Rover with the Stone Of Destiny before the start of the ceremony.
    Mr Robert Williamson. A K A. Bobby.

  3. Will this film will be seen by folks who currently see themselves as oppressed by foriegn governments? Will they leave their theaters all fired up to risk it all to make a statement? Oh great. We demand that folks overseas submit to our plans for them, but then we sell them movies like this. Duh.

  4. I have been watching for the movie to come out but with out luck. Does anyone know where I should be looking? I would really love to see this movie. I live in the Newmarket area. I have yet to see any advertising for The Stone of Destiny.

  5. I’d met one of the men involved in this adventure. He spoke at a dinner I attended – at the time I thought “what a fanatastic story – it should be a movie” I’m so excited to see that it has been made. I am looking forward to seeing it.

  6. Interesting. I’d have preferred they refer to it as the Stone of Scone, simply because that’s funnier, but otherwise it seems like a solid film (which I assume is based on the real theft of the Stone a number of years back).

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