Hugh Jackman Will Host The Oscars

Hugh-Jackman-Oscar-Host.jpgBrilliant brilliant brilliant choice! Wolverine himself will be hosting the Oscars this year. Hugh Jackman was offered the gig to host the big show and several news sources have confirmed that he has indeed accepted he part. Good news!

This is a fantastic choice for several reasons:

1) I’ve been saying for years that the biggest night in the MOVIE Industry’s year should be hosted by… you know… a MOVIE person. Some some TV host (Ellen made me want to end my own life watching her hack her way through the Oscars. I have no complaints at all about the job Stewart did, but I want legitimate movie personality). Hugh Jackman is a legit movie star, and thus is a welcome addition in my opinion.

2) He recently won a bloody emmy award for the job he did hosting the Tony Awards. He has a great personality, very charismatic and will do a terrific job. He has the presence and charisma to hold and carry the show.

3) He will be good for the ratings. Jackman was a couple of high profile movie projects on the go right now and was just recently named People Magazine’s “Sexiest Man Alive”. The think for a second that didn’t figure into this and the potential of drawing in more female audience members

This is the first Oscar Host announcement in years that I can honestly say I am truly enthusiastic about.

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20 thoughts on “Hugh Jackman Will Host The Oscars

  1. I can honestly say that if you would have asked me who I think should host the Academy Awards, Hugh Jackman would never have been one of them.

    Not that he’s bad or makes sense for all the reasons John noted but at the same time makes little sense. I can’t explain that any further.

    Man, Dr. Perry Cox is not going to be pleased..

  2. Really? You thought Ellen was bad?? I thought she was pretty fucking good. Anyway, I can dig Hugh Jackman, but I think it could be mildly awkward if he or his films are nominated. I can’t see him being all that funny either, but maybe I just haven’t seen him in a comic role. Plus what if Magneto shows up and starts throwing him into the walls?

  3. I like Jackman (actually liked Australia alot) but I don’t think this is a good choice. The telecast almost always lives and dies by its opening monologue. Since Hollywood is a liberal crowd they want jokes aimed at the conservatives and at the industry itself. I just don’t see Jackman delivering that for them. Calling Billy Crystal!


  4. Until you mentioned it John, I completely forgot Jackman hosted the Tonys. I’m sure that played a factor in the choice. But yes, aside from theatre, Jackman is best known for his filmwork from the last 8 years, both acting and producing.

    I don’t think Jackman was on your Oscar host radar anymore than mine- but to get a host that’s actually in films? and still active in them at that..this is such great news. Now I don’t want to be geek here—-shoot, I just got to.

    With the chances of The Dark Knight and Iron Man (for tech awards at least) being strong choices to get nom’d, it will be a night to remember for comics/C2F fans.

    Even if it doesn’t happen, there are these possibilities:

    Hugh Jackman introduces a presenter , say, Robert Downey Jr…Sam Jackson…Nic Cage…

    Hugh Jackman re-uniting briefly with his ‘Prestige’ co-stars and/or director (if they are presenters, nominees or winners)

    Jackman takes some ribbing on ‘Australia’ (film) this goes double if ‘Australia’ gets noms.

    Less time spent on opening monologues/jokes.


    The Academy has taken a bold step; they have also taken a brilliant one. If Jackman does half as good as he did on the Tonys, he’ll be stellar. The announcement may have been a happy surprise, but if Jackman returned the following year it won’t be.

    I smell boffo ratings.

  5. Its an interesting choice. I think I would like to see Robert Downey Jr. host. He has had a great year and this would have been perfect for him. But I like Hugh Jackman so it should be fun.

  6. I heard the speculation on the news this morning and my first reaction was “Yes! Perfect choice!” and my second thought, oddly, “I bet John will love this choice.” LoL I’ve been waiting for an article with your comments all morning.

  7. he has a lot of conditions apparently. there will be no joke filled opening monologue for one and he has other conditions and changes he wants to be made. and they have agreed to them.

    One thing I bet he won’t change will be the song and dance numbers….he is a song and dance man on broadway and I bet you anything he will do a big song and dance number himself at some stage.

    good choice – I prefer comedians myself as I like the opening monologue so I will miss that but hey …. I will give him a shot.

  8. That’s fucking awesome. It’s fucking awesome. You know what that is?……..It’s fucking awesome.

    Now if only he could drown Ellen in a water tank on stage like he does to Piper Perabo in ‘The Prestige’.

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