Battlestar Galactica Webisode Online

Ok sure, this is a MOVIE Blog, but Battlestar Galactica has always been the exception to the rule, so I couldnt wait to share this little taste of the long awaited last half of the last season of B-star-G.

Little surprised at the reveal of Gaeta’s batting preference, and not sure it was necessary, but not opposed. Still a nice touch to start out a little bit before we have the cold winter to wait for Battlestar Galactica’s return just over a month from now.

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11 thoughts on “Battlestar Galactica Webisode Online

  1. The thing with Gaeta being gay is that it seems like it has just been written in to appease a section of the fanbase. It seems like a cool developement for the character considering what he has been going through for the past 20 odd episodes but then at the same time it kinda cheapens the watching experience. I mean where was his so called lover when he was injured. A move like this is so so espeically with only half a seson to go.

  2. I am surprised by the revelation, that was a really interesting one, it does seem better that the last series of webisodes. I still really don’t understand why they split this season in half like this. Oh well, I can’t wait!

  3. Guess it’s a matter of perspective. No biggie.
    I wonder if they planned it from the start. Iff so, shouldn’t we have guessed that gaeda is… gae…?

  4. If you catch the gist of the phrase perhaps. Which is why I worded it as such.

    Besides, its not like it is the big reveal of the webisode. It has nothing to do with the plot (which I like) and is mentioned in passing to explain why this other crewman is willing to go out on a limb for him.

    Its really not a spoiler unless it is revealing plot, which it doesn’t. Its like saying I was surprised by the colour of his shirt. Irrelevant really.

  5. Kinda always thought Gaeta was gay, nice to see at least one scifi show including at least one of us.

    Is it me or do these new webisodes look more polished? In the past haven’t they been pretty low budget type affairs? This one had some decent special effects.

  6. HOLD UP!! GAITA’S GAY!!?? WHAT THE FUCK!!??? I kno he was a hardass an enjoyed his job in CIC and almost got kill for being a so called traitor but I never thought he was gay. Damn this show has many twists I LOVE THIS SHOW!!!

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