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When I first saw the preview for Bolt, I honestly didn’t see that much that made me want to go to this. But it didn’t look like it would be bad either so I checked it out. This was Disney without the aid of Pixar, doing 3D so at very least I would see what they came up with on their own. I was overwhelmingly impressed.


The film is about Bolt, a small white German Shepherd who has lived all his life on the set of a TV show in which he portrays a superhero dog. As a result, he thinks that his superpowers, and events on film, are real. When he is accidentally shipped from his Hollywood soundstage to New York City, he embarks on a cross-country journey to reunite with his owner and co-star, Penny. Along the way, Bolt teams up with a jaded housecat named Mittens and a TV-obsessed hamster named Rhino who also happens to be an extreme Bolt fanboy, and eventually he discovers that he doesn’t need superpowers to be a hero.


Holy crap the effects in this movie were staggering. The opening scene shows the front of the pet store where we are first introduced to Bolt before he is adopted. It looked SO REAL. Seriously, I wondered if it really was until I saw the stylized shop owner walk into the screen. Very much a Pixar styled human, but so seamlessly blended into this picture perfect scene. Everything in the movie looks so realistic and yet doesn’t contradict with the animated cartoon-esque characters. One particular scene where they pan along the strip in Las Vegas had my hetero-plus-one guest (who had just recently returned from Vegas) literally gasping in shock at the realism and perfect translation they made.

Bolt himself is the star of this movie, but the real comedy comes from his unlikely companions Mittens the cat and Rhino the hamster. When I first saw the scene with the Hamster, I was ready to write him off. He was a little irritating at first. But some of the best lines in the movie come from this drooling fanboy hamster. I fell in love with the character and had many a good laugh at his expense.

Lastly, in one of the opening scenes we see Bolt as he is in the TV Show to set the understanding of Bolt’s world. Seriously, that was made of awesome. The scene was action packed and full of excitement. I would watch the show that Bolt is in. If they make a spin off on TV about this (They did it for Buzz Lightyear!), I hope they show us the Bolt show. Damn that was good. I was almost disappointed when the rest of the movie kicks in at the end of the scene. I wanted more of that! But the rest of the movie doesn’t disappoint either.


Now the basic premise is that Bolt thinks he is the character he plays on TV. When he enters the real world he still carries on like he has powers and this leaves him in a multitude of situations where he is pretending to have powers like his super bark, or laser eyes. Meanwhile everyone around him is rolling their eyes and think he is insane. I kept waiting for one of them to vent their frustration and shout “YOU ARE A TOY!!!” Yeah, the parallels to Toy Story and the delusional Buzz Lightyear were there. Almost distracting. They handle it well, nearly better than in Toy Story and at very least on par. Once I forced Toy Story out of my head, I got past it.

Also, the character of Penny in the Bolt show is a teen superspy with unreal gadgets and faces off against “The green eyed man” a cat loving evil nemesis. Clearly the show is a tribute to Inspector Gadget, Penny and her Dog saving the day. Much like the Toy Story similarity it took away from the awesomeness.


So I wasn’t all that interested in seeing it, but very glad that I did. I didn’t even mind that Miley Cyrus was the voice of Penny, they needed a cute girl’s voice and Miley provided that and conveniently got the closing credit song as well. Fortunately it was a duet with John Travolta and is a pretty catchy song suiting the film perfectly. Once I got over the minor hurdle of the “tributes” feeling too much like a ripoff, I really enjoyed the movie.

It was a great entertaining flick with jokes for the grownups and lots of fun for kids to get a kick out of. Animation was spectacular, the characters were all very enjoyable. The wit of their lines was sharp and laugh inducing. Go see this movie. Even if you don’t have a kid to make it look like you have to. Seriously.

Overall I give Bolt a 8 out of 10.

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33 thoughts on “Disney’s Bolt Review

  1. OMG! I love love LOVE this movie. I just finished watching it and it was beawesome! Luv all the characters too! I know I sound like a 5 year old but seriously it was really good!! My favorite part was the beginning when Bolt was still a little puppy and playing with his carrot squeaky toy~ LOL it was soooo cute when Penny finally saw him and adopted him! <:) I would totally recommend it for all ages~!

  2. I love the non 3-D version of Bolt!
    I watched it 11 seperate times in cinemas.
    I own the delux dvd edition.
    Bolt only has super powers in the begIning of the movie on his tv studio. He does become a hero at the end of the movie.

  3. Bolt was so much better than i thought it would be. So much so that i saw it twice. Is it cliche? perhaps, but that doesn’t matter. The film has alot of heart and it really makes you feel. I loved it.

  4. I’m sorry to say, but Bolt was horrible. It tremendously fails to be original, and ripped (or at least so it seemed) from several movies such as “Cars” and a bit of “101 Dalmatian 2”, starring a dog with a suspiciously familiar name, ‘Thunderbolt’, and is a TV-star as well, and as is ‘Lightning McQueen’ (who has a bolt, familiar to Bolt’s, on his side too, wow!) And I honestly think those who actually enjoyed this movie probably don’t know a whole lot about films.

    1. You really had to go out of your way to find reasons to hate this didn’t you?

      Its fine if you didnt like the movie, taste is always subjective, but you have not established ANY reason that the movie was bad aside from really far stretches to claim its unoriginal.

      Furthermore you only discredit yourself or any hope of convincing anyone else when you say that if you liked this film you don’t know a whole lot about films.

    2. I agree. I’m not saying Bolt was the best movie in the world, but who cares if it has references?

      I mean look who created the movie? You don’t think they had some influences from their past?

      Also, its not like they took one of the characters from the other movies and just totally went out of their way to rip something off. They tried their best to be original and that is what counts..

      Ultimately thought… I agree with Rodney… Your opinion is your opinion and as such you are entitled to it, but your opinion has no bearing on what other people think and feel. It is merely a subjective entity and as such can only hold to represent your own mind, not the mind of others.

  5. i loved the song there is no home like the one you got i parshly cried at that song and i cried when mittens told bolt to leave and leaving there declawd cat behind wondering what she did wrong

    1. I have an idea. How about you WATCH IT and then make up your own mind?? You may also want to consider grammar.

      Most people above seem to have liked it, so I dont know where this “i no you dont like the film” thing is coming from.

  6. i saw this film today and i have to say it was one of the best disney films i have seen in my life…everything about the film was just beautiful (including the incredible animation) highly reccomended for kids and adults

    if the grading went higher than 5 stars, i would grade it 6

  7. Just saw the bolt movie, and i must say, i was really suprised… I sat down, excpecting to watch, yet another childrens movie, but the sensation of this movie is just amazing. This movie is awesome for all ages. A thing that really enhances the overall charm of the movie, are the exceptional emotional scenes at the end of the movie… they may have been a bit too “suggarsweet”, but it really makes you think back at your first dog, and furthermore, the pain of loosing it. From my point of view, thisis without question the best animated movie since Rattatouille.

  8. I honesty thought the exact same thing, The Tv trailers did not intrigue me to go, I thought the movie was going to be based off of the dog being a super hero, the whole movie. My friends asked me to go and i said why not, I am glad i did because The story line of the movie is extremely good along with the graphics. I seriously recommend people to see this movie.

  9. Bolt is also my number 1 movie for it made me cry. I love Bolt for its taught me many lessons and you might think I am crazy but I think I have saw a scene of Bolt the movie when I was 7. I was like Daja Vu. Seriously I saw the scene where Bolt saw the Bolt-Look-Alike getting hug by Penny. I am deeply shocked that I saw this in my dream but I have gotten over it. One thing I don’t get is how is it possible that I saw the scene 8 years in the past. I am not saying I am a prophet or a visionary but I am curious why I saw this 8 years ago. Anyways, back to the movie.

    The movie was awesome and I love it so very much. It would be super if they were a show about Bolt like the one in Bolt the movie about Bolt.

    Any who, I would love to rate this movie 100/10 which mean its higher than 10/10, its 11/10. Its went beyond by expectation and I am glad that my cousin was able to persuade me to watch Bolt in the first place. This is truly the best movie I ever seen and Bolt the movie have change my life unlike anything that ever happen to me.

    What it, it may even change your life if you know what you are looking for in the movie. If you don’t, than you should watch the movie with your full attention and listen to every word in the movie. That way you will learn every lesson that Bolts have to over and may Bolt, Penny, Mittens, Rhino, and Penny’s mom live a great life.

  10. I love Bolt the movie for it is a great movie for me. Bolt may ever be one of the classics. Not only is Bolt emotional but it also teach you a number of morales.

    Like what Rhino said “In the cold dark knight before the battle, the steely fangs of evil are sharpen and poise to strike, the hero must face his greatest challenge alone. But if Bolt have taught me anything is that you never abandon a friend in need. When your teammates are in trouble, you go. Whether they ask you or not, you got. Whether knowing you are coming back dead or alive, you go. Knowing how deep the shrapnel will piece your hide, you go.”

    This is one of the morale of Bolt. I am not going to say anymore about the morale of Bolt for you have to watch it in order to learn the morale.

    Bolt is also an emotional story between a dog and his owner. How Bolt tries with everything in his heart to return to his owner. When the odds are stack against him, he save his owner name Penny. Such modesty for what he have done.

    I wish Bolt the movie is real

    I wish I know where Penny’s live so I can ask her to marry me.

    I wish I have invented nanites that will keep Bolt, Mittens, Rhino, Penny’s mom, Penny, and me alive forever.

    I wish I can have an adventure of a life time with Bolt and his friends.

    Even though I know my wish won’t come true, I will always be motivated to pursue what I love and not sit my lazy butt on my couch watching Television. I will do whatever is in my power to do what is right and to make my dream come true. I am a human who will follow his heart until he dies. No matter what the odds are, I will prevail , I will flourish for I am following my heart and no one is going to stop me. No one, not even if God strikes me with lightning I will find my dream.

  11. rodney why didnt you give this a nine!?
    i would have! theres nothing wrong with it but its not a TEN

    sure as hell isnt not-good enough to be an eight either though

    i saw it last night and it was REALLY good

    not to criticize your “THE BAD” section but….theres nothing wrong with whats on “THE BAD” section of this review….okay so its sorta like inspector gadget…and the toy story thing….but rhino thought he was a real superhero and mittens was only humoring him because he had her TIED around the waist…

    i thought there was NOTHING wrong with the movie….but it wasnt good enough for a ten…(i hope that makes sence)

    btw when rhino makes the smily face on the plastic ball after he says “well have to use stealth” made me pee my pants

  12. Well 790, I am sorry that they didnt animate Citizen Kane for you. I guess this isn’t “cinema” but it was awesome and I enjoyed the crap out of it when I really didnt think I would.

    Not every movie has to be an Oscar contender, but to deny it is “cinema” is weak.

  13. I’m not excited to see this. Maybe I’ll go see QoS (which I’ll keep bitching about there being no review until one shows up) again. Twilight is a “DVD movie.”

  14. I guess if your five years old this film rocks your little world,,,
    (Imo) that dog looks like he’s on drugs!

    What a piece of doggy poop.
    Any adult that thinks this is Cinema , well I have very little respect for you !!!

  15. ah great review man, but shit im watching madagascar and twilight before this…and i gotta repeat 007…

    ill deffinatedly catch bolt though

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