Twilight, Friday the 13th and Watchmen Trailers Online

At the Spike TV 2008 Scream Awards, a few exclusive trailers and world premiers were offered up to its lucky viewers. Among those were Watchmen, Friday the 13th and Twilight.

Now thanks to the miaracle of the intarweb, we have those clips as well as the celebrity introductions.


I have to say that Watchmen already had me 100% ready to go see, and now it has me heart and soul. I cannot wait for this film.

Friday the 13th

So this was a little more of a teaser, but Friday the 13th looks like it will fit the slasher suspense thriller we come to expect from Camp Crystal Lake, so that looks good too.


I still don’t want to see Twilight.


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37 thoughts on “Twilight, Friday the 13th and Watchmen Trailers Online

  1. A lot of book adaptations now a days have not been well recieved. Eragon wasn’t praised very well (personally I liked it), and The Golden Compass got mixed reviews. And Twilight, well, I’m not expecting much, and I’m not seeing it in the theaters to say who bad it will be (I may be the only boy in there). The Twilight book was terrible in my opinion, but a lot of other people did. A lot of fans may be proud, but I’m not one of them.

    I am totally sick of seeing horror remakes. Can’t they just come up with new ideas? I mean, The Orphanage was an original idea, and it was GREAT. Most horror remakes now a days are total trash. I don’t really care to see this movie, nor do I think it’ll be a great movie. Plus, it’s Michael Bay. The only movie he ever made that was good, in my opinion, was Transformers.

    Watchmen, well, it’s gonna be fucking awesome. No doubt

  2. I agree that 300 was a very good movie, it´s just the style of that comic and watchmen are so very, very different and I think the movies look stylistically too similar.

    And Twilight is one of those movies that make people read books, gotta respect that. But I don´t get that franchise at all.

  3. For me, 300 was a great movie. No it the best movie ever made. No it wasn’t the best film of the year (I actually thought Sweeney odd and Ratatouille tied for best), but was still great. Watchmen looks even better. Never have I been so hyped for a movie. This move will rock.

    In the end, though, Twilight and Friday the 13th will suck.

  4. I haven´t been more excited about a move since Fellowship of the Ring. Watchmen will be a monster. I love seeing sequences that are lifted straight from the source material in motion.


    My one problem with what we´ve seen of Watchmen is that it feels a bit too stylized, a bit too …well.. superhero-y. The whole point of the book is that these people (with one notable exception) are grounded in our physical reality, they aren´t traditional superheroes. I would prefer a more realistic, grounded feel. That was one of the wonderful the people behind Dark Knight got right. It felt real. The fact that Watchmen (at least in trailer form) feels almost as (for lack of a better word) artificial as 300 has me worried.

    But if they capture one percent of the brilliance of the comic this will probably be the best movie next year. Can´t wait.

  5. I wish Twilight would only make a cent, or even no money at all, but, sadly, that’s not gonna happen.

    Let the Right One In is gonna be AMAZING. I’d rather check that one out then Twilight.

    I’m expecting a 9/100 for Twilight and a 98/100 for Let the Right One In.

  6. Twilight looks awful. Like the Convenant or that silly Blood and Chocolate movie. Why are so many people excited about this? Educate me….I know it is based on a graphic novel or whatever. Looks just like a bunch of Abercrombie models floating around on wires.

  7. If Snyder stays true to it, I have the feeling that many people who have not read the graphic novel will be dissapointed with the movie if they expect the movie to be like the trailer. There really is a lot of dialogue in “The Watchmen”. Having written that, it is a fantastic trailer and the music fits really well with the tone of the narrative.

  8. While Im looking foward to seeing what kind of film Watchmen will be, I was wondering how other’s here feel about Snyder’s use of slow motion photography in this trailer. I must admit I have never really liked it. It was fairly cool in the Matrix, but overall I consider it a distration. I would have hated it if Nolan did that in The Dark Knight!

  9. @Rodney,

    I guess I’m so used to coming to this page every day and thinking that I’ve read every post you guys put up that I didn’t do a search. I hope you all didn’t take offense to what I said… cuz I didn’t mean to do that. I love you guys!

  10. I agree with you 100% Aaron. I read the book and it SUCKED. The only thing I think this movie will have done right was casting Robert Pattinson. Other then that, I’m seeing Quantum of Solace instead (I’m sure everyone is)

    But, I’m not gonna be surprised if the film makes a lot of money.

  11. Watchmen looks great.

    Friday the 13th remake looks like the same crap we see over and over.

    That Twilight footage was so incredibly mediocre in every way.

  12. NOOOO

    they just HAD to cut the twilight scene right when jasper emmet and whats-her-ass jump in….well they show them jump in but they SKIP the scene when they gang up on the bad one!! damnit! wtf!!

    i want to see emmet make a big bloodbath out of the james vampire DAMNIT

    now im just pissed off

    and watchmen will rule. EVERY scene that has rorschach in it will be insane…i personally like it when he uses bug spray and a match to set a whole house on fire

  13. The Watchmen trailer looks great. The Smashing Pumpkins (“The Beginning Is The End Is The Beginning” I believe) track they use for it really works for me. I’m very excited for this one.

    Twilight….don’t care. Just can’t get excited about it.

    Friday The 13th is where I have a problem. It might just be me, but I was a little disappointed at the very end where Jason kinda runs up to the chick to attack her. I know this is a “re-imagining” and all, but…Jason doesn’t run. That’s part of the appeal of the movies. He never runs or jumps or anything…he’s a slow-walking murder machine. Show him walking…cut to the girl running….show him walk…cut to the girl – OH NO! She fell! That’s classic!

  14. Watchmen footage was great, cannot wait to see it, and I have never even read the graphic novel. Friday the 13th looks ok, think i will wait for the DVD though. Twilight, don’t get the hype, I am not impressed at all by what I have seen so far. I may have to go see the movie just to see what all the fucking hype is about, somehow I think it will not be as great as all the fanatics are saying it will be. Emo Vampires, been there done that, move on, Vampires are creatures, monsters, not sensitive people that are just misunderstood or some crap like that. The Vampires in 30 Days Of Night was what i like to see in Vampires, ruthless, heartless, and without remorse or mercy, pure monsters.

  15. The new Watchmen footage blew my mind.

    Friday the 13th still looks like a typical horror flick, which have never been my things, but I’ll probably watch it if it comes on TV in year or two.

    Twilight brought a whole new definition to either overacting or lack of acting, it was too cheesy to tell.

  16. For some reason, the videos wouldn’t load for me…

    Has anyone heard about “Let the Right One In”? I’m surprised I haven’t heard about it on TMB. I’d much rather see that than Twilight (aka… a movie that looks like it was made for the WB).

  17. watchmen: freaken insane! def. going to see!!!
    friday the 13th: um…it looked scary…but nothin really made me jump, but still looks suspensful, friday the 13th movies always freak me out.
    twilight: fuck twilight!! as Kristina would say

  18. The Watchmen footage is pretty sweet, but I feel slightly uneasy with all the slow-mo. Still I can’t wait to see it.

    I was never a fan of Friday the 13th, but the footage looks alright. I’m not expecting it to be very good, still I’d be willing to give it a chance.

    Twilight – it’ll be the teen hit of the fall and it looks like I’ll be the mom taking the kiddo and a group of friends to the theater that weekend. Not that I mind the books were enjoyable, so I’m interested to see how they’ve adpated the book for film.

  19. Watchman looks really good and now that I am reading the book I know who that is being thrown out the window.

    Friday the 13 is suppose to have his mother as the killer not jason this is a remake of the sequel not the classic.

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