Spiderman 4 gets a Pulitzer Winning Writer

It looks like Spiderman 4 is getting the royal treatment. A pulitzer prize winning playwrite has been blackmailed into writing a superhero film.

Coming Soon says:

Playwright David Lindsay-Abaire (upcoming Inkheart), who won a Pulitzer in 2007 for his drama “Rabbit Hole,” is in final negotiations to write Spider-Man 4 for Columbia Pictures, says The Hollywood Reporter.

I am both encouraged and discouraged by this. On one hand we have undeniable credibility in his profession as a top notch and very capable literary. He is a playwrite, so I have to assume he is capable of telling a story through actors.

But on the other hand, is he familiar enough with Spiderman, the feel, his history? Is this the best choice to get behind a superhero film?

I really want to have hope for Spidey 4 after the slap in the face that was 3. I have faith that those involved are the types that learn from their mistakes and bring us better and better. In the first two they didn’t have a lot of mistakes to learn from, but Spidey 4’s buzz is going to hinge around positive news.

I don’t want to take away anything from this acclaimed writer. But I wouldnt hire Van Gogh to paint my car just because he is a painter.

I am going to flip my coin to positive and see this as a good step for the Spiderman franchise.

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23 thoughts on “Spiderman 4 gets a Pulitzer Winning Writer

  1. Zathura was a blatant copy of Jumanji, but in space. They were not even clever about it. It wouldnt have been a bad movie if Jumanji hadn’t come out first.

    And the guys who made Zathura also made Jumanji. That makes it worse.

  2. you all know i agree with dragon slayer all the time…but this is one where i sorta disagree. i didnt LOVE spider-man 3. i liked it some what, but they could have done with out all the rmance crap and just focused on the real thing. spider-man 3 was too pver hyped and really dissapointing in my opinion.

  3. okay take that back
    he DID have experience..but as an actor..he only directed like 2 movies

    and all the movies he acted in werent like…movies in which he was a protagonist

  4. rodney

    yeah i liked the guy too i mean alls he did was elf and zathura (i am the only person in this planet that liked zathura) so the fans hated him because they thought he wasnt right to do a comic book movie but he turned out to do a GREAT job even if he didnt exactly have experience IMO so who knows…maybe this david abaire might turn out to be good (ill admit never heard of him)

    everyone was like “well all he did was act in daredevil”
    and well…they (the fans) were right..i mean he had no experience…but ironman rocked didnt it?

  5. I’ve said it many times (and many people hate me for it) that I loved Spider-Man 3. It had it’s weaknesses sure, but in the end, I was entertained. I’d be glad to see another made.

    I hope this guy writing the film will ask Doug Nagy if he could open it with Sandman eating Aunt May’s cunt.

  6. the only reason why i say “it better have action” is because i was one of those people that sat through the last pirates of the caribean movie

  7. well…no one liked ironmans director and he turned out to be awsome

    and i dont care who the writer is as long as theres planety of action…i dont even mind if theres dancing and crying just please dont make this boring.
    better have 2 villains (not one..not 3 or more…two is the perfect number)

  8. It’s gonna be a dramatic Spidey film depicting the troubled relationship between MJ and Peter, the villains are egoism, contempt, irreverence etc… the action will be verbal action.

  9. i want the lizard to be the next villian i mean if you look at it they doc that is the lizard has been in 2 of the spiderman movies so far so i think that it just makes sence that they have him has the bad guy. it could make for some really good fight scenes, they only thing is i still dont know if i want the same actor for it but what do i know right

  10. Eeeeep!!! I meant to say that I am much more interested in a Spiderman 4.
    If you want to look it up, more of his comedys are
    Kimberly Akimbo (about a girl who physically ages far too fast)
    Fuddy Meers (which just must be experienced)
    and Wonder of the World (woman leaves her husband)

    I personally like the last two best of the three.

  11. Ok, I have read a few plays by Lindsay-Abaire and I have to say he is a comedic genius. He has a very witty and outrageous style. His play Fuddy Meers involves a foul mouthed sock puppet if that helps give you a picture. His drama Rabbit Hole is very touching and quite brilliant.

    That being said, I don’t know how well he fits for the franchise. I’m not sure if his sense of humor will fit with the other movies, but regardless that really should be a very interesting and funny script. I have to say I am not much more interested in a Spiderman 4.

  12. that is true, but when they do the role for a few movies, you get the feeling
    it’s just them. I’ll always think of Tobie as Spider-man. you do make a point

  13. So everybody wants a big epic Spider-man action movie and they call up a guy who’s credited for writing a family drama? Sounds like a similar move to when they called up Alfonso CuarĂ³n to direct “Prisoner of Azkaban.” This could go either way. We’ll see how “Inkheart” turns out.

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