16 thoughts on “New Trailer for The Mummy 3

  1. It’s a shame they could have pulled it off if all the original actors were in it, even if the script wasn’t great. As a result of awful casting decisions I bet they have lost many many fans! I am one! I’m sure I will see the film at the cinema and I’m sure they will make their money but I know as I am watching it I’m just going to be thinking that Maria Bello should be Rachel Weisz! Even in the trailer this annoys me already! I’m sure she is a great actress but Evy is an established character and frankly Bello looks poor compared to Weisz! Sorry Maria fans!

  2. The first one was okay because there hadn’t been a Mummy film in a long time and it had Rachel Weisz. The Mummy two used every same gimmick again. Rob Cohen is maybe worse than Stephen Summers as a director. I probably wont even watch this on HBO.

  3. looks fun im in for sure….and michelle yeoh is far from underrated….she is a chinese movie star thats pretty much the julia roberts of asia IMO

  4. I am defiantely looking forward to this movie. I have enjoyed all of the Mummy movies, even The Scorpion King. Just fun summer movies.

  5. looks different than the other’s in the sense that instead of just going for simple action, they are actually taking time with their shots to make it look good. The scenerie shots are awesome. Cinemetography is on point.

  6. Looks bad ass. I loved the first movie but thought the second was ‘ok’ but nothing near awesome. This one looks to be a return to form in the awesome category.

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