Kevin Bacon Joins My One and Only

Kevin Bacon 01We have news that the mighty Kevin Bacon has scored a role in the upcoming dark romance picture My One and Only. We get the scoop from our friends at Variety:

Kevin Bacon has signed on to star in “My One and Only,” joining Renee Zellweger, Chris Noth, Nick Stahl and Logan Lerman in the film, which director Richard Loncraine has begun shooting in Baltimore.

Pic is inspired by George Hamilton’s childhood adventures as he and his brother were taken on a road trip by their eccentric and glamorous mom, who drove along the East Coast looking for a rich man to take care of the family. Bacon will play the philandering band leader she tries to leave behind.

Kevin Bacon as a philandering band leader! Mr. Bacon certainly has played an astounding variety of roles throughout his career. He even seems to pop up every now and again in films you don’t expect him in. This happens all the time when I am watching TV. I am flipping channels and stumble upon some random film; out of nowhere Kevin Bacon shows up and I end up watching just to see him in another setting.

Husband hunting with kids in tow could make for a funny and quirky film indeed. The fact that this is somewhat based on the childhood adventures of George Hamilton makes it all the more interesting and peculiar!

Renee Z should also be great as a gold digging pro husband hunter. As long as they can find quality child actors, I think this may turn out to be an interesting story and enjoyable film.

We will be sure to keep you posted on the progress!

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