Edward Norton Not Getting Writing Credit On Incredible Hulk

Norton-Hulk-Writing-CreditFile this one under the category of WTF!?!?! As most of us know, Zak Penn wrote the original draft of The Incredible Hulk. Later, Edward Norton took and re-wrote it (that’s the copy of the script I have… and it’s REALLY good). But apparently, Edward Norton will NOT have his name on the credits as a writer!

Now, some of you may jump to the conclusion that this might have something to do with those rumored troubles Norton had with teh producers… maybe Norton in a fit asked to have his name taken off. But that’s not the case… turns out the WGA ruled that Penn alone should have credit for the script. My friend Robert over at IESB broke the story and gives us this:

The IESB contacted Zak Penn’s office to ask about the credit. They confirmed Penn will be receiving sole writing credit on the film.

Universal reps are saying, “WGA determined the writing credit not Zak or Edward or Universal or Marvel. WGA always determines final writing credit for our films right before the film comes out. Up until that time, we include the writers on the project to date.” A call to the WGA got this response, “Zak Penn is receiving sole credit for story and screenplay.”

I’m not going to pretend to totally understand how the inner politics of the WGA works… but if a guy takes a script and basically re-writes it… and that’s the version of the script they make the movie around… then shouldn’t he at lest get SOME of the credit for it? Isn’t that just plain old common sense?

Seems to me like Norton is getting bull rushed and screwed out of a credit. Once again, the inner workings of the WGA are a mystery to me, so maybe there is a simple, easy and innocent explanation for this… but on the surface it looks like bullshit to me.

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30 thoughts on “Edward Norton Not Getting Writing Credit On Incredible Hulk

  1. TRUTH:
    He shouldn’t get credit. Norton forces rewrites of his dialogues on all his movies these days. How many movies has he actually “wrote”? None. But he wants to say something a different way, and his name pulls people in, so they let him do it. And if it is “better,” its probably because he’s doing exactly what he wants to do…I respect him and he’s one of my favorite actors, but that’s kinda not cool when you consider an actual writer spent months-years with it.

  2. If he did a rewrite he should get credit. But let’s face it, Hollywood is a land full of egos where cliquiness and backbiting rivals a pyramid full of cheerleaders: “I’m on top!” “No, I’m on top!”

    As of late Norton hasn’t done any promo and is not scheduled to do any before the opening. I checked and he’s not even doing Leno. Instead, NBC/Universal is doing tie-ins with American Gladiators and forcing Conan O’Brian to do Hulk sketches (tactics which reek of desperation).

    But doesn’t it always come down to Norton’s humorless, megolamaniacal ego (him and that Salma Hayek). He’s talented, but anyone remember the American History X editing debacle. Norton did such a number on that one the director wanted his name taken off the film. Well, people with either go see it or they won’t. We’ll find out in a couple days.

  3. Just went to check some info and I stand corrected. He was hired to act and write the script and also for his creative input. I just wish these disputes didn’t follow him from set to set.

  4. I think he has a massive ego/control freak problem and he needs to get over it and help promote the movie. His first, and main job in this movie is as an ACTOR, not a screen writer. As an actor, one of his obligations is to promote the movie he’s in. Not getting into pointless fights with the union. By not doing that he can affect box office sales and public opinion of the movie.

    Which, in turn, can either build or burn bridges in the future with the right people when it comes to future writing credits he might seek.

  5. Edward’s pen name is Edward Harrison, which is his middle name, and he is a member of the WGA, but he is NOT receiving credit at all. The author of this article is right – THIS IS BULLSHIT!! Liv Tyler is all around talking about what a great character Edward wrote for her and Tim Roth is all over talking about how Edward was doing re-writes on a a daily basis. I wouldn’t blame him if he doesn’t promote the film b/c it seems like he being shafted out of every promise they made to him when he agreed to be in the movie!!

  6. I hope this does well for Norton’s sake and make bucket-load of money, then Norton can raise his index finger to WGA and tell them to shove it up their a$$.

  7. Apparently, Edward Norton did no such “re-writing,” he merely took out any scenes not involving Bruce Banner or Hulk and called that a new draft.

  8. If I take someone else essay, read it, then rewrite it in my own words/way its still cheating.

    If you take someone else script, read it, then rewrite it for yourself in your own way, you have had a massive helping hand by the previous writer.

    We’ll never know what really is going on unless Ed spills the beans, but I can see both sidea of the tale here. Unless Ed’s writing was from concept to completion blah blah blah, I guess he should get at least partial credit.

  9. In the poster you can see Norton credited for the screenply as EDWARD HARRISON (Harrison being his middle name)…
    I can’t believe they are doing this to him. No wonder he is pissed off and doesn’t want to promote it. He went on board when they promised him producer and writter rights. Now they take it all back… Idiots!

  10. Edward Harrison Norton IS a member of the WGA and has been for a couple of years — and it sounds like the WGA is still annoyed with him over the disputes they had over his final version of Frida (which he did when he wasn’t a member yet) … Has anyone ever seen the Zak Penn version of the script? So far, the dialogue in the trailers and spots is word-for-word from EN’s script, and it’s mostly dialogue he’s concerned about anyway (same for Frida) — I would assume that the general outline of the movie is Zak Penn’s, while the dialogue is probably Norton’s.

  11. My sources told me that Norton’s rewrites for some reason were not credited at the time the finsihed version was sent to the WGA.
    (Double speak for he pissed somebody off bigtime!)

    He’ll have to live with the lead role credit for now.

    If the film does Iron Man numbers Norton will get whatever he wants. Credit on the dvd, cocain, women whatever …..

  12. This happens all the time. The WGA is very weird in how it credits writers. The same thing happened with George Clooney and Leatherheads. Anyone remember that?

  13. If he was just writing OFF from the original script then he shouldn’t get any credit. He’s just using the original script as a jump-off point for his own ideas. Now, if he completely rewrote the script so much so that it looks nothing like the original, then he should get credit.

    Also, it does depend how much he actually rewrote. If it’s more than a quarter of the script, he should get credit.

  14. Norton’s been in the business a long time. He knows how these things work. In fact, all unions are like this. If he’s being screw by the WGA over this it wouldn’t be the first time -since he is known for rewriting other people’s scripts and getting into pissing matches with directors and producers over production issues.

    Apparently he’s getting some kind of pay off for it even if he doesn’t always get writing credit – otherwise he’d stop doing it. On that note, the movie looks like it’s going to be good.

  15. correct me if i’m wrong, but wasn’t the filmed script the first third of a trilogy that Norton & Letterier concieved of?!?
    i also remember reading an interview on superherohype.com with Penn where he admits that Eddie rewrote it. sounds like Norton may be getting buttfucked. hard. i understand Universal & Marvel not wanting to go with his edit of the movie (which can always be released on dvd alonside the cinema version ala the shocking Blade Trinity) as they have a franchise to resurrect, butt pls do not screw this guy if he wrote what was filmed.

  16. John,

    It does seem unfair but maybe you have to be a WGA member to be credited? And I do believe this movie WILL ROCK! Ed Norton is an awesome actor and he will definitely be a Hulk/Bruce Banner to remember.

    Hopefully Liv Tyler does more than just cry, like she did in the LOTR series.

    Ed Norton missing? More likely he’s scheduled for interviews next week.

  17. So the hulk is out in a weeks time and so far I have seen pretty much everybody involved in the film interviewed in some form. except for Ed Norton.
    He is the only person I have not seen interviewed anywhere. Downey was everywhere leading up to Iron Man’s release. Harrison ford was all over the place.

    where exactly is Ed Norton? I have seen Liv Tyler, Tom Roth, Bill Hurt interviewed. I have read interviews with the director – I have seen an interview with Zak Penn in one magazine but have yet to see ed Norton interviewed anywhere as part of the press junket for this film. I have seen interviews that are being published now that were obviously taken on set when it was being shot but I have yet to see him on letterman, leno any of the normal shows actors go when they are out selling a film.

    Maybe I have just missed it but has anyone seen norton out doing any current promotion??

  18. Meaning Norton my not play his role as the hulk again is what I’m thinking. Of course I haven’t seen it but I agree (from another disscussion here) that if Nortons in it it has to be decent. The clip with Liv Tyler from Leno last night was good.

  19. A little off topic, but according to someone over at the IMDB who claimed to have seen a screening…

    -hulk says “betty”, “leave me alone” and “hulk smash”

    Awesome is it’s true. His post did seem pretty genuine, and he did post enough spoilers that it does look as if he was telling the truth.

  20. I don’t know if it is bullshit or not. I don’t know how much Norton rewrote. There have been scribes who don’t always get credit for things in a given film, and then there are times when the WGA gives credit to everyone his aunt and uncle.

    In the end, it is just determined how much Norton re-wrote. If it isn’t a significant amount, then he should not be credited.

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