National Treasure 3 in 2011?

nullAnother National Treasure may be hitting theaters in a few years, or at least that’s what director Jon Turtletaub mentioned this week to a few online interviewers. The good people over at gave us the scoop on Turtletaub’s time line musings for the next National Treasure flick

“I’m guessing that we’re a few years away”, the filmmaker said of a third film. “By the time we come up with a decent idea and develop it into a complicated and intelligent puzzle it’s going to be at least 2009. Then to prep it and cast it… it should be three years away.”

He went on to give many examples of where the film could take place, mentioning everything from The Golden Gate bridge to the Taj Mahal.

As much as I am not personally interested in seeing a National Treasure 3 now or in the next few years there is no denying the box office numbers for the US alone ($217,216,391 according to

It makes sense for the powers that be to continue making these harmless popcorn flick adventure films until people stop going out to see them. My guess of when that will be? Right around the time that Nicolas Cage’s next facelift.

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51 thoughts on “National Treasure 3 in 2011?

  1. I am not or will ever be a fan of Nicholas Cage!! But I loved NT1!! NT2 was cool but not like NT1. I always get a little emotional when i watch it(^_−)−☆!! I haven’t heard anything about NT3 coming out but it’s only a matter of time!! I still hate Nicholas Cage!!

  2. With a bit of competition with the Dan Brown DaVinci Code and Angels and Demons, The National Treasure movies have been less hyped but much more plausible and entertaining. Both deal with cryptic elements, secret societies and many “unverifiable” elements based on myth and legend. Both Hanks and Cage need to consult hair specialists from the real world to get a more natural look. The historical element is great in National Treasure movies and OK in the Dan Brown pictures but I am looking forward to NT3 far more than the third Dan Brown picture. The Dan Brown movies get bogged down in the mundane while the National Treasure films keep you guessing around each corner.
    Sincerely, A qualified Critic!

  3. I thought both movies were wonderful and definately look forward to a third. My children were both teenagers when viewing these movies and they too loved them along with their friends. They enjoyed the history theme running throughout both 1 and 2.
    As far as Nicholas Cage, Jon Voigt and the others – I think they have all been excellent in their roles – good choices. I think these movies are much better than so much stuff that is out there now for viewing by children and teenagers. Thank you Mr. Turtletaub for the last two and hope to see a third soon.

  4. I think it would be really cool if this next NT involved going to The US Bullion Depository at Fort Knox. I will be looking forward to it one way or another :D

  5. I definatly loved the first National Treasure, also the second but not as much becuz of the ending when Mitch (Ed Harris) sacrifice himself after all the stuff he went thru to get the treasure. I just hope that the director/writers dont use a poor ending for NT3. My family and I are huge fans of this movie and cant wait for NT3 to hit the theaters.

    1. I agree completely. For a family adventure movie that doesn’t involve and deep thinking or any serious message, this is a great movie. It’s hard to find a movie that my mother is willing to go and see. She liked this movie. I can’t wait for NT3 either.

  6. It could be centered around Fort Point, under the Golden Gate. Fort Point was built during the Civil War to protect the California Gold.

    The GGB could be the key to entering an underground vault.

  7. There are 2 reasons for the success of these films.

    One, they have a decent storyline. They are not bogged down with pages upon pages upon pages of droning dialogue. There is action and adventure. They can sit down and watch this movie for what it should be, an escape.

    Two, most will disagree with this, but I think another HUGE reason for the success of this film is because it is CLEAN! No profanity, and no inuendos or questionable scenes. As a father I am finding it increasingly harder to find good films that are clean for my whole family. Most people have no concern for this and will put anything into their head but I tend to be a lot more picky and have walked out of many movies that I found inappropriate for me or my family. Hats off to Disney for finding a winner in this franchise.

  8. Oh I just found out yesterday that NT 3 is coming out in 2011 . Ive sugjested sum ideas 2 the director , & i think there NOT edging twards ATLANTIS … it has nothing to do with American history u say ???? what about Spain ???Our counrty was influenced greatly by Spain , & France .. so Atlantis , may or may not be the mane title for film 3 .. confidintionaly.. im not supose to TELL! so im not gonna!
    Abegail Mae Lincoln

  9. I personally think that NT1 and 2 were the best movies i’ve seen. However i do think NT1 was better than NT2. And plus around the Web pplz are saying that it might be about Atlantis or The Roanok Islands. But truth be told Atlantis would be boring. I read soemwhere that if it were Atlantis they’de would be searching for the power source of it to try to stop global Warming….WHERE DA HELL IS THE HISTORY IN THAT!?!?!? NT is about historical stuff…not some stupid GLOBAL WARMING. i mean Atlantis would be cool, but they would have to have some history in it….NT1 had Ben frankilin and The CHarolet in it….NT2 had Linkon in it….and NT3 would have Global WARMING IN IT!!!!! WTF NO WAY lol…..I Personally would like it to be bout the Roanok Islands or The Founttain of youth. But as i searched the web pplz said Pirates of the Car. is including the Fountain of Youth and that 2 Disney movies would not have the same plot in them….STILL CAN”T WAIT TO SEE NT3

  10. the page 47 is the opening to the 3rd movie. i think it could go in a number of directions. maybe about the gold rush in cali or something along those rounds. i think it would be interesting for an atlantis movie. i LOVED these movies. i honestly cant wait till the next one comes out… too bad its projected to come out in 2011

  11. This is for the people who think adventure movies are bad cheese ready to eat, or the only remark they can make is about NC’s hair, or providing prostitues ticket stubs to fill the theater.
    Please, when you make 206 million dollars in a opening, then come back and make some comments.
    Hats off to Disney, and NC and all who were involved in this great movies.

  12. I know what page 47 as about! THE FIRST BLACK PRESIDENT WHO BOUGHT AN ELECTION AND THEN SCREWED UP THE COUNTRY! Maybe Ben is sent in to figure out how to fix the damn thing lol!

  13. I like no. 1 but 2 was a ripoff and im not excited for 3. But of course i’ll end up seeing it. The name “national” treasure is the key there national now there going to alantis its going off the course of american history.

  14. Or my other idea. It is about atlantis and how the african/egyptian slaves somehow stumbled upon it in their travels from one continent to another. And ( I dont see it going this way, but in MY movie it would) How in the 1800’s when Lincoln was president, he made an agreement with a slave that had documentation on the exact location of Atlantis in exchange for freedon of their people.

  15. I have a feeling it will be more modern day..such as the challenger explosion. What were the missions of Challenger??
    A) To launch a satellite to further extend communications and data collection
    B) To launch the first civilian into space
    C) To STUDY HALLEYS COMET(which to some was believed to be the gate into a different life, or extraterrestrial)
    For some reason during that time, there were certain phenomena that surrounded the comet that science couldn’t explain. I feel that challenger and the explosion was NOT an accident… If NASA KNEW that this was truly faulty, they would not risk the lives of its pilot’s or the INTREGRITY of the program and the country that supports it. I feel, someone somewhere did not what a common civilian, or anyone not sworn to secrecy, to see what was actually the comet, or what was trailing behind the comet.
    My 2 cents.

    1. The WORSE thing the NT series could do besides 3D is to turn into a new X-Files and start trying to add a Sci-Fi element instead of keeping everything historical!

  16. I have heard from my cousin who works over at Disney that the new plot for National Treasure 3 is about Atlantis. The script is being research as we speak. They are working to tie in with the slave trade from Africa who discover clues to Atlantis. Abe Lincoln and the Gettysberg Address will be part of the script. I can’t tell you anymore because my cousin is involved in the whole process, and he signed a non-disclosure contract, so if I mentioned more it could get him fired! I’ll write more about it when it is safe to tell….

  17. (Type your comment here. Make sure you’ve read the commenting rules before doing so) have heard from my cousin who works over at Disney that the new plot for National Treasure 3 is about Atlantis. The script is being research as we speak. They are working to tie in with the slave trade from Africa who discover clues to Atlantis. Abe Lincoln and the Gettysberg Address will be part of the script. I can’t tell you anymore because my cousin is involved in the whole process, and he signed a non-disclosure contract, so if I mentioned more it could get him fired! I’ll write more about it when it is safe to tell….

  18. i loved the first two movies, the first a little more just because it seemed longer and more based on American History (which is my favorite.) I think that a third movie will be amazing, but i’m afraid that a fourth one may make the whole thing a bit played out. i for one will go and see both if 3 and 4 come out, but these are just my thoughts.

  19. I loved both movies. But I think you have to be interested in history to really like them. But the thought of there being more to the story and secrets, clues, as well as conspiracy theories that, involve actual people, lead to a one of the greatest historical find ever is awesome I don’t care who you are. But yeah I think the 3rd will be about pg 42 also. A 4th film would be great if the story line is as interesting as the first 2 and the 3rd does well.

  20. Hi all,

    I personally think that page 47 holds significance amount of clues what will be the next quest will be, but I personally think from chatting about it to various friends that they should produced a fourth film as well to curb the demand National Treasures seekers and growing fan base around the world. It will be really cool if they produced a fourth film as well. What about a National Treasure 4 film everybody?

  21. National treasure is emmense and those of you think its a rubbish movie then you really dont know what a good movie is honsetly if they make NL3 im definatly going to watch it .

  22. i absolutely LOVED both movies! it really does make the unbelievable BELIEVABLE!
    im looking forward to seeing the 3rd!
    and i think that its petty for people that havent seen a movie to critize it!
    watch the movie and youll see for yourself!
    im saying good job to the film makers on both movies and the upcoming 3rd!

  23. As a closet geek I like the thought process that these films bring to the big screen. The thought that maybe the history of the United States is not nearly as cut and dry as it seems. I really liked in the second film the conversation/arguement that the white house lawn kid and nicolas cage had about the assasination of Abraham Lincon. There is just enough realism to the movies to make it seem like they could actually be true in the history sense that is. My daughter and I have enjoyed both National Treasure and National Treasure Book of Secrets. Now if they only can get Riley to land the girl for a long term relationship in National Treasure three and not talk about green men and gold men that would be great!!!! LOL :0)

  24. These are the best movies i have ever seen! I love them and they are my favorite movies! I am their biggest fan. The whole plot of the movie are awsome.I would love it if they came out with a first one and id be the first person to see it!

    1. You stole the words right out of my mouth and you can bet i am going to own any of them they come out with and if they never release 3 well i will be mighty upset if you like these movies i am sure you will also like the librarian series it is a dang good movie series too but man you can bet i will own all the national treasure movies they put out. i have the first two on dvd and looking to get them on blueray since i have a xbox 360 i can watch them on. i am ready for this movie to come out the sooner the better keep them coming this is my favorite movie series ever number 2 realy kicks a** i hope number 3 will be just as good or better. they realy made some bucks on the second one i am sorry about the rambling but i am addicted and i am psyched to here about a new one comming out. this is great

  25. i loved these movies! i thought the second one was even better than the first. i’m big on conspiracies and i love movies about them. i’m not a fan of indiana jones. actually i’m more of a horror film kinda guy but there’s just something about billions of dollars worth of gold that seems to interest me. i’m extremely excited to see the 3rd and 4th films. i absolutely cant wait. \m/ metal for life \m/

  26. (Type your comment here. Make sure you’ve read the commenting rules before doing so)Our family loved these films, they have an adventure feel along the lines of the Indiana Jones films, yet they are family friendly. I won’t let my 3 and 8 year olds watch the more violent jones films, and with these, while they may not be the best films, the whole family can watch and as a homeschooling mom, I love the little bit of history thrown in and the conversations that these prompted.

  27. i really loved the nt movies the first one actually by far is one of my favorite movies. The second one was also a great flick. I love the fact that they’re about history and can be interesting i cant wait to see a third. then maybe we can find out what’s on page 47…lol… cant wait..

  28. I loved the first and second NT. The puzzles are really well thought out and the whole presentation makes the unbelieveable believable. I think it really depends on the individual and wether or not you like conspiracy movies that make you wonder.
    Looking forward to the next.

  29. I absolutely love these movies! Watching them teaches you a little about history and it’s really nice to be able to go to the movies with the whole family and have everyone enjoy themself! I’m so pumped to see a third and fourth come out soon!!!

  30. (Type your comment here. Make sure you’ve read the commenting rules before doing so)are those people kidding?! even though I dont like nicholas Cage, the 1st movie was cool,and it got better from there, so you could say Im thrilled to hear talk about a 3rd and even a 4th one!

  31. I only saw the first one on dvd and thoght it was ok like a 6/10 at best but I never wanted to see the second. I dont think I will be looking foward to the third movie.

  32. I liked both of these movies very much. You just have to like them for what they are. There are too many movie snobs out there who decide before a movie comes out to hate it. Happens all of the time.

    1. I agree – Any movies series that can get kids more interested in history or offer at least a fun format of viewing the past – no matter how perfectly plausible or not – has to be taken for what it is – not viewing it in terms such as winning an award…

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