Movie Blog Uncut – Feb 22nd 2008

Hey there folks. Well, we’re getting close to Oscar Sunday. This one is a short installment as we’re saving most of our Oscar talk for our Oscar podcasting marathon on Sunday, so we just touch on a couple of things today.

At any rate, take some time to download or stream this installment of Uncut as Doug and I discuss:

1) Oscar Podcasting

2) Juno will win Best Picture on Sunday

3) Doug talk Be Kind Rewind

4) John talks Vantage Point

5) What the hell is up with Fanboys?

6) Too many characters in Wolverine?

All this and a few things more.


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14 thoughts on “Movie Blog Uncut – Feb 22nd 2008

  1. Remember Alfie:
    Norbit=1, Zodiac=0


    I’m not sure if Diablo Cody is a “lock” for script. She has more of a tighter grip on a steel pole than a Golden Guy. Likewise, Ellen Page will not win because…Marion Cotillard happens to be there. The major reason folks are pulling for ‘Juno’…? It’s one of the few films up for major awards that most people have seen. It’s alsso still hanging around the box office top ten, unlike other nominated films. It’s also not a bad bunch of nominees, either.

    With the exception of Javier Bardem- No Country For Old Men is going to go home empty handed because I’m slightly…pulling ahead for… There Will Be Blood.

  2. I worry that no country maybe peaked a little early……when a film is the absolute overwhelming favorite maybe if you were an academy memembr you might feel compelled to give your vote to something else by the time voting started…you might have a little bit of no country fatigue….

    or you might give it to another film because you feel no country has had enough support…
    or you might even give your vote to your friends film because you figure no country has it locked so it won;t matter ….

    these are human beings after all..there is absolutely no way to make sure they all vote for what they think is the best.

    i am not saying that will happen but they are not scenarios that are too far fetched.
    i just think maybe it peaked a little to early……who knows.

    i will be surprised if NCFOM doesn’t win but I just worry because after zodiac it was my favorite film of last year and I believe out of all the films nominated that it is the one that should win….

    but johns theory of no country and twbb syphoning votes from each other is very valid and if juno does happen to take it could very well be why.

    and that will be considered a huge upset……because if something as lightweight as juno beats no country or twbb, films with so much more substance and film making artistry, it will be a bigger upset then when that piece of junk, no-better-than-a-made-for-tv-movie-of-the-week melodrama crash won.

    juno is great but is a lightweight film with very little to it.

    but i think cody is a lock for screenplay and i also think that ellen page will win best actress. the film will not go home empty handed.

    its amazing to read that they are anticipating the lowest rated oscars ever yet I think i am almost more excited then ever before…

    all the films are class and deserve to be there….plus there are some huge front runners so we could see some major shocking upsets….like if daniel day lewis doesn’t winning it would be a huge shock….if no country gest shut out….a huge shock….
    sure it might all go as planned and be totally boring but at least the favorites are all good…..well…i seem to ber the only person in the wolrd who thinks day lewis is pretty fucking ridiculous in twbb. its a john huston impersonation end of story.i like it when you don’t notice an actor is acting… lewis appears to be in a competition to out ham al pacino in twbb. I like the film but I almost like for all the wrong reasons…I found him hysterical in it.

    it is one of the most exciting oscars in ages for me personally….

    at least john stewart will be good…i don;t get why people kinda rag on him for his last show….he was shakey at the very starts for the first 10 minutes but once he got going he was one of the better hosts they have had…..

    and when they played those joke oscar campaign attack ads with colberts voice over..they were fucking hilarious…..

  3. Hey Literarynonsense

    That might be true… but Mohamed Ali had never lost a fight… until he did.

    I won’t be shocked if No Country wins at all. I think there is a strong possibility that I’ll be wrong on this. But I’m sticking with my pick.

  4. what is the fascination some people have with kristen bell??

    the 12 of you who watched her show sure are a loyal bunch…

    i mean she’s a pretty girl and all but her fans are so fucking insane for her is amazing….i have friends who swear she is the greatest actress in the world i mean they really love her but as i pointed out to them put her in a show with decent writing 9mars) and she is fine but put her in a show with some of the worst writing even committed to screen (heroes season 2) and she is terrible….she is only as good as what she is given..

    it just amazes me how much love she gets.

  5. i really want to see Fanboys, but without the cancer-storyline this movie seems pointless and really stupid. And everybody knows Veronica Mars isn’t stupid.

  6. don’t worry about the audience kristina…no one is going to go see it anyway.

    a films this delayed…this butchered… will be a piece of rubbish.

    terrible idea for a film anyway

  7. Regarding Fanboys, they HAVE to keep the cancer thing in. It’s the only way to justify these people going cross-country to steal the damn movie. It makes no sense for them to go to all the trouble and risk jail time to see a movie that’ll be out in a few months anyway. The cancer thing gives the story more urgency and gives them a deadline to meet. Without it, the movie is going to suffer terribly. The audience won’t root for a bunch of tools who are trying to break in and watch a movie for their own enjoyment.

  8. The characters in the Wolverine movie are probably all members of the Weapon X program and will probably not be in there for much beyond the beginning. It would be best if they were part of Wolverine and Sabretooth’s team and then move on from there after about 20 or 30 minutes and just wolverine for the rest.

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