Indiana Jones 4 and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull

Last night was the MTV Music Video Awards, and though it has very little if anything to do at all with movies, a small snippet managed to (strategically) slip out of Shia LaBeouf while he was on stage with millions of viewers conveniently hanging on his every word. The title for the impending Indiana Jones 4.

MTV Movies reports:

“If adventure has a name … it must be Indiana Jones,” a publicity campaign announced in 1984. Now we know that the fourth installment in the Indiana Jones series has a name, and it will be “Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull.”

It sounds a bit of a mouthful to me. However I tend to be skeptical of most sequel titles I hear. I thought Phantom Menace and Attack of the Clones sounded like lame titles (shuddap – Star Wars is still cool by me) and those became comfortable titles for the movies after some time.

But for once I think I am always going to be left awkward in this title. Its difficult to say quickly and it makes for a really poor acronym “Indy 4:KotCS”. Likely in time it will be shortened by fanboys to “Crystal Skull”

However, one thing I DO like about the title is that it leans toward the mysterious archological stuff that made Indy so fascinating. With all this talk that Indy will face off against aliens made me worry that the original charm and adventure would be stripped from this franchise. Perhaps this is a sign that even if aliens are involved that the original flavour is not tainted.

However it does NOT surprise me that they took advantage of Shia’s rising star to let him go public and announce this title.

Click here to see Shia’s announcement.

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16 thoughts on “Indiana Jones 4 and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull

  1. The title sounds acceptable. Admittedly it is a bit corny, but so is “Temple of Doom”, which turned out to be a great movie. I’m going to guess that Speilberg will try to merge the concept of God and ETs. This may not fare well with some of you, but you have to remember that Speilberg is a genius. You gotta give the movie a chance! Watch it with an open mind!

  2. @Rodney

    Aliens in Close Encounters/ Star Wars ect. are a whole different thing from Aliens in Indiana Jones.

    The Ark was the Perfect McGuffin (for the Indy movies), and using it again wiht perhaps a new villain that understood it better, would have been a great way to round of Indy’s story. At least that is the movie I would like to see.

    Anyhow, this may surprise me, I sincerely hope so. I just think that this title is a bad omen.

  3. Too long. Get rid of “the Kingdom of.” Either way, I agree with Leo – very scooby doo-ish. Not going to judge the movie based on the title, but definitely not a good start, IMO.

  4. But seriously, we’ve got bigger problems than the title. The movie could be named “Ultimate Shitfest” for all I care, I just want the damn movie to be good.

  5. @Bagger

    It is a pulp serial, so that makes sense. You have such an issue with them introducing aliens when its clearly nothing new for Speilberg, yet you are ok with them revisiting the Ark?? That has already been done too. And in this franchise no less.

    How is that a better idea?

    Im no big fan of the idea that aliens are involved (personally I am hoping that they THINK its aliens and it just turns out to be Nazis or something like that) but if they DO go that direction I just have some faith that it will be done right.

    We wont know until the movie comes out.

  6. Since the idea is to invoke merie serials, I don’t mind it. However, I want to point out that the first film was ‘Raiders Of The Lost Ark’. Later in DVDs, they added “Indiana Jones and the” to the title on the jacket, which was really stupid.

    And as for the ….S4BMFSHATFPMOFIN2SDTMFCS …
    I think folks will just call it (IF it’s a real film) “Indy 4”

    (short for: Shit For Brains, Mother Fucking Short Hand Acronyms That Fucking Piss Me Off Fucking Idiots Need To Stop Doing This Mother Fucking Cock Shit )

  7. Goddammit, is this the best they can come up with? Sounds like an episode of a bad Serial (Yes, I know the irony of that), almost like Temple of Doom.

    I wanted to se a damn movie with the Ark again, that actually sounded like the best idea they had concerning this movie. That would have been the perfect way to round of the series. I would’ve even been satisfied with LeBeouf carrying on the show solo after that, as long as ol’ Ford was rounded off in the best possible way, and the FREAKIN ARK was THE PERFECT way to do that.

    Instead Lucas and Spielberg are back to … oooh…. ALiens. No thats completely new territory for them … if don’t count Star Wars, War of the Worlds, E.T., Close Encounters ect.

  8. Does anybody remember ‘The Phantom’ starring Billy Zane? He was searching for a crystal skull i believe:)

    Ah, who cares? We’re all going to see it……if it exists:)

  9. In January 2006, I made a short film with the game ‘The Movies’. It was a game where you controlled a movie studio and make movies. Kind of like The Sims and Sim City. Any ways, the film I made was an Indiana Jones type film called ‘The Search for the Crystal Skull’ lol.

    you can watch it here if you want:

    BTW I like the title. It has that old serial film sound.

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