12 thoughts on “Reno 911!: Miami Review

  1. in defense. john admits he hasnt seen the show! i love the show and if you dont even know the premise of what the movie is about then yes you are not going to like the movie.

  2. You could have saved yourself a few minutes by stating up front, everyone should wait to watch this on pirated PPV and been done with it. Your review as about as much as Joe and I expected for this. This flick will appeal (massively) to the devotees of the show (more cops than you would think or believe watch this show religiously) and all chicks who are badge bunnies (closeted or open about their love of cops and everything related to cops, including C.O.P.S.), and as far as the writers/stars are concerned, that will be a successful bullseye on hitting their target demographic. So, yeah… Good for Ben, Tom and the rest of the cast!

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