National Treasure 2

nationaltreasure.jpgI haven’t seen the movie yet, but I remember the first ten arduous minutes on that preview, and how the mumblings and revalations of the puzzle solving of the character played by Nicolas Cage was just awful and completely insane. How he managed to come up with such proposterous connections I’ll never know, and apparently not even after watching the movie. However, it made $347.5 million worldwide, so now they’re after the sequel, from Coming Soon:

Walt Disney Pictures and Jerry Bruckheimer Films have begun developing National Treasure 2, says The Hollywood Reporter.

The studio has hired Gregory Poirier to write the movie, which will be directed by returning helmer Jon Turteltaub. Details of the story are being kept under wraps.

…It is unclear whether any of the cast will return for the sequel.

That’ll be the Gregory Poirier who wrote adult (as in porn) movies under the name of Hugh Jorgan, and then went on to write on Lion King II and is currently on A Sound of Thunder the Ray Bradbury short story based movie. Okay, so the latter movie sounds a lot better and has some big stars, but his previous work sounds a bit dubious. I predict much more cheesy dialogue for Cage.

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12 thoughts on “National Treasure 2

  1. I applaude those with positive things to say here. I certainly agree that ripping on a movie you haven’t seen is a little shallow. If you didn’t care for the previews than don’t see it but its a bit petty to say a movie sucks if you won’t watch it. I totally understand everyones opinion of Cage. It’s true his movies of late, say the past 8 years have been lacking but it’s also true that his earlier films displayed real talent. I believe it’s because he lost his path and started to get payed too much. It is Jerry Bruckheimer’s fault realy. Con Air was the begining of the end for Mr. Cage. When he was younger I saw an interview in which he stated that he does movies in threes. He would do three comedies, three action and three dramas. I believe he stayed to the plan more or less until Bruckheimer started offering him the big bucks to continue doing movies more action based than character based and Cage lost focus. If he can get his focus back than I believe he can be the actor he was in earlier roles. I for one enjoyed National Treasure just for the silly entertainment it was. Cage’s character could have been any actor, he really brought nothing to it but the rest of the film was fun for me.

  2. Nicolas Cage won an Oscar? He must really have the dirt on someone, because his acting sucks. The best scene ever was in “Adaptation,” where one Nicolas Cage died, and the other one got really banged up. Can’t he get a facial expression coach so he doesn’t always look like he’s lost in math class?

  3. people shouldnt judge a movie they havent seen yet i thougt national treasure was a great movie i really enjoyed it i think Nicolas Cage is a great actor i really like his films i think they should really make national treasure 2 it would be cool to see how the charectors change but they need to have the same cast it wouldnt be the same if they were other people

  4. You guys are all insane. It’s not that bad. In fact, I enjoyed it.

    Here’s my review.

    Also, if you haven’t seen “Leaving Las Vegas,” then shut the hell up about ripping Mr. Cage. There is a reason he won that little gold statue called Oscar.

    National Treasure wasn’t the greatest ever, but it was original, fun and exciting. Also, it was rated PG for the kids so lay off.
    I also don;t think you should be ripping a movie you haven’t even seen! If you see it and still don’t like it fine, but at least give it a chance.

  5. i predict the plot will have something to do with the civil war. the first movie was like a boring american history lesson about the american revolution for junior high students.

  6. Gentlemen please,
    I can’t believe what I am reading here. Firstly Nick Cage is a very cool guy -in many roles-, true there has been a few fairy type characters he has played, but I have been pleased so many times with this guy. “Raising Arizona”, “Wild at Heart”, “Gone is 60 Seconds” and yes “National Treasures”.

    I will admit that as an action star Cage can be rather clumsy, but he is a rather tall gangly man and all the running and jumping can look a bit plodded at times. I did see this in National Treasures, take the scene at the grave yard in Philadelphia when cage was being shot at and he was jumping and diving over tombstones, this all looked clumsy. The movie was fun though, and when I say fun I mean in a “Reign of Fire” type of way. A totally obscure unrealistic story line, solutions happen in moments and the typical guy gets girl and the good guys win scenario. I enjoyed it for what it was supposed to be, and I think that a sequel would do very well, only if they can get the original cast back. This I feel is a necessary for sequels if this type. For those who did like the flick, they have learned about the characters and would like to see more development into their personalities and adventures.

    So Richard, watch the movie, but do not expect it to be a major action packed thrill ride. Treat it as a fun -I can go to the bathroom any time I want- type of movie.


  7. Nicolas Cage is by far the most useless actor and annoys me no-end. And before my genetic, social and planetary makeup is “revealed” to me.

    This is why:
    1. I can’t hear what he is saying(even with the volume at 11)
    2. He always looks like he has just lost his cat.
    3. He drove some of the most amazing cars in Gone in 60 seconds(was only a few feet away from Ms Gorgeous Jolie) and still looked like he got second place at a spelling bee.
    4. He plays the exact same character in every movie(am guessing its him being himself)

    Oh, and the topic of the post, National Treasure 2? I think its great as it will free up cinema seats for movies that i want to go and watch.

  8. Oh my god… oh.. my.. god…

    *pukes all over self*

    *jumps out of twelve story window*

    But seriosuly, I don’t care how much money it made, Natioanl Treasure was a HORRIBLE movie. It ties Catwoman as worst of 2004 for me.

    To make a sequel to National Treasure is like re-making Citizen Kane with Renny Harlin directing.

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