Charlize Got An Owie. Aeon Flux on Hold Indefinitely.

charlizeflux.jpgWord from the Hollywood Reporter is that Charlize Theron was injured in a stunt sequence while filming Aeon Flux and that production has shut down indefinitely. While Theron’s handlers aren’t giving a lot of specifics someone on set told HR that Theron hurt her neck and that production will be shut down for at least six weeks while she recovers.

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9 thoughts on “Charlize Got An Owie. Aeon Flux on Hold Indefinitely.

  1. Getting hurt already? Guess she’s no Uma, huh?

    Just because Charlize got injured DOES NOT mean that more time will necessarily be spent on production design.

  2. I agree with No One and Mantiss. I told a friend of mine who has seen the Aeon Flux series about how I thought Jolie would have been the better choice and she agreed as well. But it would be almost a rehash of TOMB RADIER. If you doubt her acting abilites then I would look at GIA as well as GIRL INTERRUPTED.

  3. If you think Angelina Jolie’s a bad actress you should watch Girl Interrupted. It might make you think twice. Just because an actor has looks doesn’t always mean they can’t act. (And boy does she have looks)

  4. hmmm……jolie would have the look but shes a terrible actress…

    i hope this film doesn’t get made

    coz i just really dont want to be disapointed

    aeon flux is one of my all time fav programs…..



  5. When Blade Runner had to halt shooting because of an actors strike production design kept on designing.
    The result was a landmark in the design of movies.

    Aeon Flux the cartoon had finesse and a noir design that helped create a distinct and mostly silent adventure through a twisted future-world.
    The more time to create the look of the Aeon Flux world the better.

  6. wow…who even knew an aeon flux movie was in the works. LOVED the cartoon but charlize theron isn’t anywhere near what i’d have in mind for the role. look at the two pictures above…is it even close? MAYBE angelina jolie but it would almost be a complete rehash of tomb raider. i hope it doesn’t suck and they put some loving care into it…the cartoon deserves it. at least she’s oscar-caliber…that bodes well…maybe.

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