‘R’ Rating Fight Gets Stronger: Enter Mr. Lawyer

Lawyer and former Governor of New York, Mario Cuomo has jumped on board in the fight to give Fahrenheit 9-11 a PG rating instead an ‘R’.

The Article.

So far, the rating is to be reviewed 3 days before the film’s release – which they are currently trying to bump into this week to provide for more time.

If you’re interested: my thoughts.
– From what I hear, there actually *IS* “disturbing images” in the film. Now, how many images and what is ExAcTlY shown, I don’t know. However, there’s always the “red tape”, “give michael Moore a hard time” theory.
– As a result, I’m not too sure if Michael Moore and company are fighting bias, or are simply fighting age-old film rating guidelines that have been there forever. The latter being a bigger waste of time to fight against.
– And simply, Americans already have it easy when it comes to movie ratings, besides NC-17, ANYONE can get into ANY movie as long as they are with the right aged people. In Canada, an ‘R’ rating means “You can’t get in if you’re under 18. Period.” – which is more strict than an NC-17 rating. (On the flipside, a lot of your ‘R’ rated movies are only 14A here.) So in a way, I really don’t think an ‘R’ rating is that bad for the film in the States — although I guess it can be proven that rated ‘R’ movies have smaller attendances.

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8 thoughts on “‘R’ Rating Fight Gets Stronger: Enter Mr. Lawyer

  1. Impressive Day-vuhl. You’ve done your research. However, I’m going to comment the blog.

    I don’t think Michael Moore wants the PG OR PG-13 rating to fill more seats. He wants TEENS TO WATCH IT. I don’t know if anyone watched the shitty Mtv Movie Awards, but Moore was on their plugging his doc. It’s obvious that Moore wants KIDS to see his film. Yeah, kids can still sneak into an R film, but it’s easier for him and others if it were just PG-13.
    But still, I don’t know if releasing Farenheit 9/11 on the 25th was such a good idea seeing as Spiderman 2 (first one was RECORD BREAKING) is being released on the 30th. And he wants AVERAGE KIDS to watch it?
    Hey, average kid! Would you rather watch Spiderman 2, the sequel to the first movie that has Tobey Maguire, Kirsten Dunst, and some REALLY COOL SPECIAL F/X, huh?, HUH?!, or do you wanna watch the new Michael Moore documentary about President Bush, Farenheit 9/11? Hmmmmm….

  2. – Ah yes, a few things about the Putin thing:

    1) I’m surprised that people are surprised at this. The US is Saddam’s enemy – they’ve been bombing the hell out of his country for the past 13 years. They’ve held and maintained a strict No-Fly zone over his country. Of course Saddam had intent against the US.

    2) There has never been any proof that he had any means to pull this off. The UN Sanctions in 1998 were exhaustive and the 2003 UN investigations including this so-called “war” have still, yielded nothing. “Intent” is very different than “Has the means”.

    3) IF there really *was* military strongholds capable of mass destruction in iraq, besides the fact that the US or ANYONE would’ve found it by now, I think Saddam would’ve been hiding THERE instead of in a hole in his family’s backyard.

    4) In the exactly same news report you referenced, it is also stated that Putin has had no proof of Iraq involvement in any terrorist act. (Which we already knew anyway)

    5) Still, in the same report — whatever proof that Putin had of Saddam’s distaste for the US (obvious) — whatever it was, wasn’t a big enough deal for Putin to even endorse attacking it – because he’s STILL AGAINST IT.

    Bush telling the US Public and Congress that Iraq had:
    – 30,000 operating weapons facilities
    (State of the Union Address; 2003)

    – The capability to launch Chemical and biological weapons within 45 minutes of receiving the order.
    Speech from the Rose Garden on Thursday Sept. 26, 2002

    – Received Uranium from Africa
    (State of the Union Address; 2003)

    – had Weapons of Mass Destruction
    (State of the Union Address; 2003) and a pissload of other times

    …ARE ALL LIES – they have repeatedly been shown to be extremely false. And yet, they we’re conveyed to you, the public, and to Congress as truth. When, at best, they weren’t and are still not provable – And at worst, they were out and out lies.

    It is a Federal Crime to knowingly lie and mislead Congress.

    The 9-11 Commission with its entire team of investigators and researchers deny any link.

    Bush said with 100% certainty there was Weapons of Mass Destruction with 0% percent certainty or proof of where they were. Brilliance. Sheer Brilliance.

    Even Colin Powell has admitted that the WMD claims were faulty:
    http://slate.msn.com/id/2100684/ -and-
    http://www.thenation.com/capitalgames/index.mhtml?bid=3&pid=1442 -and-


    Under that pretense, according to you, Iraq was invaded because Saddam – even though he has no MEANS to attack us – doesn’t LIKE us. La-dee-fricking-dah. A *LOT* of people don’t like other people.

    – Mind you, in most situations, the person doing the “not liking” isn’t in possession of Hundreds of Billions of dollars in oil.

    Iraq was attacked for nothing except profit. And maybe a chip off a shoulder from Gulf War I.

    Ah.. end of lesson.

    …Now watch this drive…

  3. Actually, Mr. Vladimir Putin might disagree with you on that “Iraq is not a threat” thing. If you check out the news today, he alerted the administration that Iraq had long held plans to attack within the U.S. or it’s military stations outside U.S. borders.

  4. Iraq was not a threat to America or really to anyone outside of their own borders. They were in no way involved with the 9-11 attack and had no connection with Al-Queada. Pop quiz: nationalities of the hijackers, Osama Bin-Laden and the major known financiers of Al-Queada? No Iraqis on either list. If nothing else you should be mad as hell that Bush is wasting all this money, life and energy on a phantom enemy in Iraq while completely neglecting the search for the known and actual enemy (that being Bin Laden) elsewhere.

  5. I think this film is a disgrace and is should be not be released. I can’t believe people actually think that Bush has done was wrong. I mean, I agree war is a waste because it takes people’s lives but it’s either that or allow those people to come over there and blow us all up. Seems like that’s what people want and if that’s true then they need to move out of the US, perhaps Russia, then they would appreciate the US!

  6. Michael Moore is the interview is this month’s issue of Playboy….I just got it in the mail yesterday and am looking forward to reading the interview….One funny thing on the cover is Mr Moore thinks we should hire the Israelis to assassinate Bin Laden….”They don’t mess around. If they want you dead, they’ll make it so.”

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