Tons of Info on Transporter 2 — They don’t, mind you, answer the question: Why??

Yup. We know you weren’t expecting it, but Transporter 2 is on its way. Now from what I understand, nearly every fibre of earth including unborn zygotes hated The Transporter. I may have read one or two reviews that didn’t utterly flame the thing, but it certainly did not havea strong following. The Original Trailer, mind you – was Awesome.

So.. on the successful… heels….. of… the… umm.. Trailer? comes Transporter 2. In THIS ARTICLE (containing spoilers!), you’ve got details of the release (virtually the same main cast and crew) and a review of the script which says “lacked the high concept that made (the first part of) the original film somewhat different” by wrecking what scraps of the character they liked. Reviewers said the first one lost its clout when The Transporter started breaking rules he had built his character on keeping. — And in this next one, he’s a big lover of kids. – Not that there’s anything wrong with that, but goodbye macho-ness.

I dunno… I dunno… — Mind you, that trailer does kick butt.

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6 thoughts on “Tons of Info on Transporter 2 — They don’t, mind you, answer the question: Why??

  1. The first was awful … trully bad. The concept was wicked and even the first 10 minutes showed promise but, as many have echoed, when he started breaking his own rules the film went down hill fast.
    For me, its not even the type of cheesy film that can surprise you on late night TV. It was just bad, bad, bad. They should scrap the ‘kids based’ plot and make the second flick much darker and more Leon than Lion King.

  2. Perhaps they should call the 2nd movie. The Transporter: Where did that second truck go? The first one had it’s moments as well as the ultra sweet Shu Qi. But then again, they did lose an entire second truck full of refugees during that climactic car chase. It all kind of balances out to leave me with ‘Meh’.

  3. That particular movie fell into my “download it” category….I never paid a cent to enjoy it and I’m quite happy about that….I could tell that it looked like one that might be a better rental/download than a theatre viewing….

    That’s just me though…

    And by the way, I contribute a pretty decent chunk to the movie industry so I don’t feel so bad about downloading DIVX movies….Out of the 50 or so movies that I have downloaded (good quality) I actually own about 20-25 of them on DVD and have seen them in the theatre….If Hollywood would make more quality movies, I wouldn’t be so drawn to the internet…he he he he…

    Any other DIVX fans out there?

  4. The first one wasn’t bad, actually. Nothing spectacular but it had a good number of fun moments. Jason Statham was surprisingly believable, too … he obviously trained hard to get ready for the role.

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