Pirates of the Caribbean 2

Pirates of the Caribbean 2 setting sail

Are You Looking for POTC 2 Auditions? You need to CLICK THIS.

A sequel is currently in the works for the biggest surprise hit of this summer. Pirates has already brought in about $250 million dollars at the box office and is still going strong. The film had its obvious weaknesses, but by the time the credits rolled I had to admit I was entertained. The picture was fun, lighthearted and was supported by decent visual effects.

Apparently Orlando Bloom , Keira Knightley and Johnny Depp have all been secured for the sequel.

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324 thoughts on “Pirates of the Caribbean 2

  1. Johnny Depp is such a good (GREAT) actor and man. My dream is to act opposite him in a movie. But anyways he is sooooo funny and has a great smile! I love when he smiles and i love his dark brown eyes they are so sexy!!!! And Johnny if you ever happen to come across this web site then I just want you to know that you are my role model and that no matter what you do I will always be there to back you up. I so hope that the POTC premiere is in Disneyland again!! i can’t wait until it comes out. that and all the other 7 movies that he’s doing in the years that are to come. I all ready saw Charlie and the Chocolate Factory ( I loved it by the way. Sooo funny and Johnny looked soo hot and sexy in it too) and The Corpse Bride too. I love that movie too. Well i’ll write laters. I love johnny Depp more than alll yall!! lol

  2. Johnny Depp is a very sweet nice man and even though I know im to old to date him oh and he is already taken i would very much like to meet him!!! I love his movies he is a very good actor!!!

  3. Wow I never knew there were so many comments on here. This whole orlando and me thing is crazy, I think that you should just let both of us go, right now we are both taken and I do want to let you know that if i’am ever single again, I would have better chance getting envolved with my “forever Babydoll-Winona,” then with one of you. Im not trying to be mean, but im just telling the cards that im holding. And Melissa, I don’t normally read these but I kinda came accross it.
    You are all true fans, and I hope you like my next movie.
    Love you all.

  4. ok i do like johnny depp and all but u stupid people that are saying that johnny deps isn’t gonna read this and you’re saying that you like him more so i think it’s totally stupid i realy do… you no i no that he wont but i wouldn’t rite this so he would c it, because if you didn’t notice he moved to paris to get AWAY from the attenchion… i realy dnot think that n e 1 here thinks that he’s gonna read it… they just wanna prove they are the biggest fan! and i know that i’m not his number #1 fan ok i only seen 7 of his movies… some pplz have seen them all so for thos pplz who think they are the #1 fan of johnny depp think this… there is always a bigger fan then you!

    o and whoever said that orlando bloom is hotter than johnny depp… YOU ARE WRONG!!!

  5. ok i do like johnny depp and all but u stupid people that are saying that johnny deps isn’t gonna read this and you’re saying that you like him more so i think it’s totally stupid i realy do… you no i no that he wont but i wouldn’t rite this so he would c it, because if you didn’t notice he moved to paris to get AWAY from the attenchion… i realy dnot think that n e 1 here thinks that he’s gonna read it… they just wanna prove they are the biggest fan! and i know that i’m not his number #1 fan ok i only seen 7 of his movies… some pplz have seen them all so for thos pplz who think they are the #1 fan of johnny depp think this… there is always a bigger fan then you!

  6. Hi there…
    we were wondering if anyone had information about the POTC 2 premiere. Is it really going to be in Florida?
    Does anyone know how to get tickets to the premiere?
    if someone could email me and tell me the answers that would be great
    [email protected]

  7. when will johnny get the long awaited oscar? he probably should’ve already had at least one. will it be “finding neverland” that finally lands one?

  8. Wow! it’s been forever since i’ve been on here!


    I’m not too sure what’s gonna happen in POTC2. I do think Jack will have some family since Keith Richards is rumored to play his dad– but I wouldn’t believe the Johnny’s cousin thing… Doens’t seem right. And if you go to IMDB.com and search Pirates of the Caribbean, it shows only Johnny and Orlando on the movie– so they don’t have the full cast yet.

  9. GLJD, what do u think will happen in POTC 2? because there is this stupid character, someone online, person, freak who says she’s johnny depp’s cousin.

    i’m like…yeah…sure. believe what you want. she also says she’s gonna play Jack Sparrow’s daughter in POTC 2. i mean, is Jerry Bruckheimer doing it? i mean, if he is that’s awesome.

    so……i cried last night cuz i learned about what Jerry is thinking about doing. it was EVIL!!!

  10. Johnny Depp is the sexist man on earth If i see Johnny on tv i will just get my video tape record him. I love him so much i wish i can see him one day i want to try and get pirates of the caribbean 2 tickets for the premiere but i don’t know how to get them. I’ve got ten of his videos already hoping to get more. and over a thousand pictures and posters of him. That’s how obsecsed i am over him. If he has a film out in cinemas over here in England, i will be the 1st person in that que and go to see it so many times but that’s if i’ve got the money. Johnny Depp is so sexy and fine and fit, i’m crazy about him. if anythin happened to him i would go crazly mad. I go to all of his websites, i know mostly every thing about him. I’ve taped the E true hollywood story on Johnny Depp. I taped only him at the MTV Movie Awards, Whenever he is on my television trust me I will tape it. I Love You Johnny Depp xXx You are some bum tingz arn’t u Johhny xXx

  11. Johnny Depp is the sexist man on earth If i see Johnny on tv i will just get my video tape record him. I love him so much i wish i can see him one day i want to try and get pirates of the caribbean 2 tickets for the premiere but i don’t know how to get them. I’ve got ten of his videos already hoping to get more. and over a thousand pictures and posters of him. That’s how obsecsed i am over him. If he has a film out in cinemas over here in England, i will be the 1st person in that que and go to see it so many times but that’s if i’ve got the money. Johnny Depp is so sexy and fine and fit, i’m crazy about him. if anythin happened to him i would go crazly mad. I go to all of his websites, i know mostly every thing about him. I’ve taped the E true hollywood story on Johnny Depp. I taped only him at the MTV Movie Awards, Whenever he is on my television trust me I will tape it. I Love You Johnny Depp xXx You are some bum tingz arn’t u Johhny xXx

  12. chris / jarvis … calling out an admin is never a good idea. Hey look! All your posts are gone! And you can’t post anymore from that computer! Well done. Feel free to find another computer to do your trolling on … I’ll just delete you again …

  13. chris / jarvis:

    Two things. First, the only people who get to troll around here are those of us with admin priveleges. Second, posting under two different names fools nobody. As if the time stamps didn’t make what you were doing obvious enough we can check the IPs you posted from and see that you’re using the same computer and thus are the same person. If I wanted to I could even sarch up the IP and tell you where you were posting from. But I’m really not feeling that motivated. So cut it out. Or we’ll delete you.

  14. what i want to happen in potc 2 is jack sparrow to meet up with one of his old girlfriends and find out that she has a girl child and its his and then the girlfriend should die and jack should get stuck with the girl but he wouldnt want to take care of her so he gives her to Elizabeth and William to take care off but in the end jack should diside wether to keep his daoughter or leave her with Will and Elizabeth.

  15. I agree wit all da Johnny Depp lovaz!
    hes sooooooooooooo lush and so is orlando a little!
    and johnnys got a cute english voice in pirates too. we can’t wait 2 see the next pirates of the carribean!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  16. PFFFFT! GLJD is having a hard time admitting that everything i said is correct. There’s always gotta be an opposition, even when its hard to prove their point when i’m so far in the clear! ahh, it feels great to be right!

  17. Wow, I feel almost ashamed to actually post in this forum. Very few messaged in here actually pertain to plot items or casting news for the sequels. What’s that? Did I pluralize that word? SequelS? As in more than one? GASP! YOU MEAN WE GET TO SEE JOHNNY AND ORLANDO BEING HOT TOGETHER IN A SECOND AND THIRD MOVIE? That’s right, disney is filming a pirates 2 and 3, all the same cast and production crew are returning, and the sequels will be released within 6 months of each other.
    At this point I would like to compliment Mr. Johnny Depp on his excellent portrayal of Captain Jack Sparrow, basing his character on Keith Richards was a brilliant idea, but i don’t know how good of an idea it was for Keith Richards to sign on to play his father, that’s right, apparently it’s happened.
    Other points worth mentioning, both movies to be released in 2006.
    If you don’t have any legitimate comments regarding this then don’t post, call your friends, or change your msn name, please do something other than make this ridiculous board even more ridiculous

  18. Ilove pirates of the Caribbean the curse of the black pearl and all of th actors in the movie. ilove this movie sooooooooooooo much i can’t consentrate on anny thing else. the movie is so great that i know word for word on the lines, i have posters, the book,the soundtrack,on gameboy, and of course the movie. the minute i saw this movie i was in love with it and could’nt stop thinking about it. Kiera and Orlando made a really cute couple and Johnny was sooo funny and cute.I can’t wait for 2 and 3. i wish could be in them. We’ll DRINK UP ME HARDIES YO-HO

  19. Marla Singer-
    “you all say u want to be in the movie well they will se right through you if your just doing it for to meet johnny or orlando”
    ^that is what andrea said and she didn’t say that no one was going to get a part in POTC2. she said if you are doing it just to meet johnny depp or orlando bloom that you won’t get the part.
    and who cares if the blog is off topic…its not like anyone writes on it anymore anyway…no one is saying you are required to read it.
    i think both of your attitudes are bad and you could have said what you did without bragging or being so mean about it.

  20. and as for “andrea” how can u fit through any door with an ego that big. and from a 13 year old…whos had 2 auditions…and got a part…AS AN EXTRA… and then claiming you have experience and that no one should try out for pirates 2 because you “know” they wont be cast becuase u have “experience”. I can see right through u, ur little plot..SCHEME if u will, u just want the part to urself…if in fact they are holding auditions for outsiders… ur 13 and ur hoping and dreaming of a career and good luck to ya.. i’m 18 and i’m still hoping and dreaming… let me tell ya..its a hard business and egos get u nowhere!

  21. HAHAHAHAHA…THis message bored is a joke. BAHA, i hope johnny depp reads this and tidders to himself about how creepy you guys allow yourselves to get…HA, i’m tiddering right now..anyways, ABOUT PIRATES 2, which is the room title and has become a foreign topic in most of your (too unbearable to read) outbursts, Pirates 2 could possibly be as good as the first one if they dont go too hollywood and try too hard. perhaps if the same cast is back including it being another bruckeimer movie it could have a shot…in my opinion, i dont speak for everyone.

  22. please can u contact me if anyone has any info on auditons,i am no fan of orlando or johnny,just want to be in the movie,coz i have talent not like somepeolpe,you all say u want to be in the movie well they will se right through you if your just doing it for to meet johnny or orlando,so beware if you go to the auditon they will notice if you cant act,ive been to 2,for extras and both got the part so i have experince,iam 13 and really would love to be in the movie bcoz this might boost my carrer a bit further than extras.

  23. i love orlando bloom i dont care what allu other jonny depp people say but orlando is so hot and sexy….ok?…ok just wanted to get that straight!

  24. That would be the gist, yes.

    Red carpet premieres are never open to the public.

    Sometimes studios do launch events, though, that are beyond your normal opening night thing that ‘regular folks’ can get into through contests and stuff, though …

  25. I have decided that Bubba has forgotton more about movies than most people know! He has the ideal job then as an editor of a Movie website dont you think? (Did you catch the British irony Bubba?) I was wondering how popular this forum would have been if the womens “eye candy” Orlando and Johnny werent in it.

  26. Define ‘premiere’ ’cause I think we’re talking about two different things here … some movies have big launch events that are either open to the public or public can basically win access to (no idea if Pirates is one of those) but the official ‘premiere’ is generally an industry only event. Premieres are a combination photo-op / press generating event and a chance for the people who worked on the film to see the final product … with something the scale of Pirates you’ve got several hundred people who worked on the film, plus their dates, plus the swarm of media, plus as many famous people as the producers can possibly lure out to up the “news” quotient, plus the general entourage that follows the main stars around who are all considered ‘essential’ attendees to get in before you can even look at anybody else. Studios sometimes do contests and things to fill up the empty seats (if any) with fans but not a chance are these tickets ever available for sale to the general public. For one thing, there aren’t any actual tickets. The studios rent out the theaters and run them as private, invite only showings. So if you’re hoping to drop down some cash and get a ticket to a red carpet premiere, it aint gonna happen.

  27. i really wasn’t trying to be rude…just joking…and i know those are dumb questions because the movie hasnt even started filming…but just the way you said it sounded negative so i thought i’d throw a little joke in there… nothing personal

  28. Geez dude, read what we wrote.. — did we EVER say that you couldn’t act. No.

    In fact, if you knew me, you’d know that me saying a sentence like that is quite self-defeating.

    People were hornily asking where they can audition and where the premiere was. And, although it may suck to hear, they won’t be allowed in.. – we’re not being pessimistic, because there’s isn’t any good news in the matter. We’re not reporting “Bad news” — if someone said to you “Hey, when can I go back and re-live the year 2002 again?” — your answer would have to be the sad news of “You can’t. Ever.”

    Nothing wrong with dreaming, but like Bubba said, some folks need to be dealt a dose of reality.

  29. hi. i’ve never been here before and will probably never come again after this. geez, Day-vuhl and Bubba are pessimists. i don’t have an agent but i will act. maybe not in PotC2 but i will act eventually. i love Johnny Depp!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I also love Orlando Bloom!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am a loser and so are all of you! don’t worry, i meant that in the most complimentary of ways! well, peace, love and butter beans. i wish u all an exquisit existance. buh-bye!

  30. Since POTC2 will take place.. on well, water… and, when not on the water, a town set to look like Europe pre-Industrial Revolution, then you can guarantee that if it isn’t being shot on a sound stage, it will be on a built set somewhere, likely remote – that will be very very VERY closed to the public.

    Again, sorry….

  31. No, I’m using the right word
    I’m not saying that he’s wrong about the premiere or whatever, but the way he said it sounded negative (not trying to be rude or anything)

  32. GLJD: I think the word you’re looking for is “realist”. If you’re not a working actor with union membership and a Hollywood agent you’re not getting into the film. And if you are a working actor etc etc you know better than to ask about auditions in a place like this. And c’mon … are they even shooting Pirates 2 yet? Studios tend to wait until all the details are in place – y’know like having an actual film – before worrying about dates and places for premieres. Which, again, are invite only. Nobody walks up off the street and gets into a Hollywood premiere. Ever.

  33. I love all Johnny Depp movies and i also appreciate all of the roles that he has done and he is of what a lot of people say…. Freakin’ Hott and is very attractive and also my most 5 favorite movies with Johnny Depp has to be

    1) Benny and Joon
    2) Pirates of the caribbean: The cuse of the Black Pearl
    3) What’s eating Gilbert Grape
    4) Crybaby
    Then for the last would be……..
    5) Edward Sicssorhands

    I just love this man no matter what, he’s such a great actor too. YOU ROCK JOHNNY!!!!

  34. Wow, sometimes fans can be creepy… OKAY FOLKS, LISTEN UP.

    Anything you’ve heard about the movie’s Premiere or auditions is Fake, a rumour and pre-pubescent wishful thinking.

    Since the movie hasn’t even been **MADE** yet, asking for tickets to the premiere is rather silly. And if by “premiere”, you mean, the red-carpet, celebrity premiere — then you can forget it, because you’re not invitied. Nor will you be. Ever. Neither will I.

    Removing cranium from billowing clouds commencing……. Now.

  35. I’d hate to break this to you, but if your *AGENT* hasn’t been contacted by the studio’s casting agent and then called you with the details of “Where and When”, then you aren’t going to be auditioning.

    A public message board is not how to find out about this stuff. Trust me.



  38. Well im a day and 8 hours ahaed of this site. LOL Sound kinda funny.
    I just wanted to know if any one was still going to post comments so I would no whether to cheack it or not.

  39. Hi its ‘Me’ I wrote the site out wrong. Der Stupid
    Anyway somebody has the name me on the other site so im calling myself Grrrr now. Just thought id let you all know. Oy Bre whats your name on critics. Or is it still brianna

  40. People we have an adress Yay. Ill go to it later today. If I can be bothered. Oh Bre i think i found the book that secret window is based on. Well its actuly an audio book Whatevere that is.

  41. yeah the web site to that site would be handy!!! lol
    yeah the teachers are the same here but i think all of them don’t care what we do on the comp’s

    he he i’m sitting in my room staring at all my johnny pic’s on my wall *sigh*
    i can’t help myself

  42. Hey brianna and me, come to the other site, gljd and I are there, with the same names.
    I cant go anywhere on the computer im not supposed to, the only teachers who take us to the computer lab are either smart or dont teach anyway (my science teacher makes us watch a 3 or 4 minute video and then lets us do whatever we want. Im so tired. Mom is making me do the taxes, so I ask her pointless questions I already know the answer to, “just to make sure”, but its tiring.

  43. Oh I remebered Yay and wasnt realy important after all. Bre do you want to go to the computer room tomorrow and ill show you me drunk maties during english. The teacher wont know. She is a bit dumb.
    Oh Smokey Joe says Chitter Chitter. (for those who dont know Smokey is my rat)

  44. I forgot to say. Oh great I forgot what i forgot to say before GRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR How annoying. It was important too. All well. Oy Bre have you been to the other site yet. If ya have whats you name thingy.

  45. He is sooooooooooooooooooooooooo HOT!!!!!!
    If they kill him I wont even bother seeing it.

    Anyway Bre I found a stack of hot pics of Jack Sparrow. Me drunk maties from the other site have a good stack of pics.

    Ohhh HE IS SOOOO HOT. Just in case you dont read your email but you read this. Are You coming to school tomorrow. Kylie is ment to be starting tomorrow. GRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR. How annoying Anyway back to the subject.


    if you cant tell im realy bored.

  46. oie me thanx for that pic of johnny
    god he’s the hottest sexy beast in the hole world!!lol
    i just can’t wait for potc2 comes out
    i hope that they don’t kill off jack
    if they did potc just wouldn’t be potc without him
    who’s with me!!!
    johnny dose or dosn’t go
    what do u think???

  47. yea he looked like johnny, but i was with my friend and we were trying to hurry back to this place, and what was i supposed to say? “hey you look like johnny depp! where do you live”… (he’ll think i’m a stalker) lol…i guess i could have but i didnt….:( …next time i see someone who looks like johnny depp i’ll talk to him…(did i mention it was someone who looked like johnny depp when he was young?? cuz if he would have looked like johnny depp now…i would have definitely stopped him! :)

    thats cool you are going to Costa Rica
    are you going to be by the caribbean sea?! ahh!that would be cool lol

    for next week im going to washington DC with my school and for spring break im going to florida (dont know what im gonna do with my dog either?!)…maybe ill take a boat to the caribbean from there and meet you! haha

  48. wow, he looked like johnny? did you talk to him and find out where he lives? Where did you go? Im going on vacation all through the month of June in Costa Rica, we have a house rented there. I cant wait, only I dont no what we will do with our 2 dogs and 3 cats.

  49. hi my name ia patricia, i would really like to be in pirates of the caribbean 2.I’ve been in drama and i’ve played in two plays. I have brown eyes and dirtyblond hair. I am 4’3 and i weigh 83 pounds. I am short and skinny and i am 12 going on 13 in april. i live in amherst nova scotia. i want to send them a video of me or a pic cause i can’t fly up there and i don’t have an agent. if you have any information where to send the picture and resume please email me at [email protected]. please send me back a responce thankyou for your time.

  50. tanx for that other site i’ll go on it soon
    and i’m just about to look up johnny vegas
    what happened to the rest of the people that came here???
    there would of been more thinga to talk about:(

  51. Umm… that comedian guy? He is Johnny vegas? hmm…
    There is another site that I go to that has alot more people, blogcritics.org/archives/2003/08/19/235140.php
    alot more conversation.

  52. I was looking some stuff on him on the internet (because you mentioned him)…and well..he looks like he would be a pirate in the next POTC film lol

    and your right…hes 25 (at least thats what i read) and he’s been in some movies and tv shows…thats pretty much it

    it got boring so i went to a johnny DEPP (not Vegas) website :)

  53. Are we the only 4 people who ever writ e on this iste. Hmm all well
    Anyway I already aked brianna this but do you guys know who Johnny Vegas is. He is ment to have a part in number 2. I think he is in his late 20 but thats all I know.

  54. NO!! they couldnt! they wouldnt kill jack!!….go ahead and kill elizabeth lol
    but they really couldnt…lol cuz the people who read the movie read the critics…THE MOVIE IS ALL ABOUT JACK AND WOULD BE NOTHING W/OUT HIM!
    yea i hope thats a rumer, but i did read in a magazine (which i never read magazines but saw johnny on the front so..you know..had to get that!) but i read in it that POTC comes out in 2006…but i also read it comes out in 2005

    ohh! what if it comes out in the movie theater in 2005…but on video/dvd in 2006….ahh thats thinking lol

  55. The butterfly effect was really really good. It was super creepy, though, and the brother gave me nightmares, he was so evil. And Ashton was hot.
    They wouldn’t dare kill Jack, there would be millions of angry mobsters, they wouldn’t threaten their own health like that.
    Neverland is in post-production I think, I read somewhere that Johnny plays the author of “peter Pan” or something.

  56. There are ment to be 4 kids in the sequal
    Jacks Neice
    W&E daughter
    Barbossa’s daughter and the forth is unknown.
    Not shore if this is true or not yet but there has been a lot of romours about it.

  57. To brianna Butterfly affect has been out at the movies for about a week. Der

    And Im not being a smart arse. I dont think ill be giving you any monkey pics tomorrow. How rude.

    I herd that pirates 2 wont acctuly be out till 2006 if it is i think ill scream. GRRRRRRR
    There aslo romour that the writer are going to kill of Elizabeth, Jack or will. If they kill of jack ill definatly hate the movie.

    He to hot to die Hmph

  58. this might sound like old news to you guys
    but….arwen was the butterfly effect good???!!!
    me and another friend wanna go see it but i don’t think its out yet……well not over here!
    opps sry “BREAKING THE RULZ”
    what movie do you guys think is johnny’s best so far? mine woul have to be potc …..so far LOL

    OH WELL better stop talking to my self
    but its only 8:55pm here!!! ggrrrrrrrrrrr

  59. Ive heard of Shannon Noll. He should of been the ausie idol. Not that fro lovin loony guy. Grrr I dont like him.

    Any way ive heard of Neverland but i didnt know about any of the mickael jckson stuff though.

    Ive watch pirates finnaly. Im sooo happy.

  60. for orlando fans
    i don’t like orli but i cane along this web site
    http://www.theorlandobloomfiles.com i don’t know if it is any good coz my shit hole comp’ haz this virus thingie
    i’ve watched potc only twice coz it only came out yesterday!!……….and secret window comes
    out in the thearters on the 8th of april
    geeeez that gives me the shits

    changing the subject lol
    have any of you hered os shannon noll? I LOVE HIM!!!!!!

  61. dose anyone know about “neverland” ?(another JD movie) and i think it’s gonna be filmed in wacko jaxions neverland place lol…but i’m not shore
    hey………potc starts filming in jan next year
    see just coz i live in australia dosn’t mean i know nothin’!!! lol he he he he he
    i’ll write on the weekend to see if i can catch you guys in the day(over there)

  62. it came out on vidio if it was out at the theater
    i would feel sorry for me to!!!lol
    i can’t wait untill secret window comes out
    if you ask “me” she would tell ya
    yes me and “me”(geee that sounds abit wierd!)
    are friends.
    no i havn’t been to america but i’d luv to!!! lol


    Hello people I just found out from me rum loving pirate friend that there is going to be 2 sequals and treasures of the lost Abyss is definatly the sub title for the moment any way. Iv e never been more happy hoooray. I thought being ausies we wouldnt be able to find out any thing hooray.

  64. Its okay people. Its out on DvD Hoooray.Me and Bre are good friends and both Johnny Depp Lovers He HE.

    Oh for bre when ya get on I got ya that Jack the monkey pic you tried pinching of me today He He.

    Any way have you guys got anynews on POCT 2. So far all I got is the sub title (Treasures of the lost Abyss) and some peoples names who are up for roles.

  65. I wish I would have known about alien awareness day…sounds like a lot of fun

    but I did go around pinching people that wore green…since I wasn’t wearing green people kept pinching me, so I decided to revolt and pinch the green wearing people…

    but if you wanna, you can borrow the DVD…I have one good POTC DVD and one that is scratched a little!! I let my friend borrow it and she scratched it!! so it skips a few parts (yea i had to buy a new one)…lol
    so each of you can have one…or?? you can share??

  66. I guess it is also happy alien awareness day…My friend decided that. Today she wore a viking hat made out of tinfoil( to keep the aliens from reading her thoughts. We had pictures today, cant wait to see how hers turns out.
    You can send me your dvd. I think ive spent enough money renting it, but I don’t have enough money to buy it right now and go see secret window.

  67. Hi GLJD. Brianna wont be on for a whil she has to waite till after 6:00. All my comments have disapered How rude. Anyway they did show the Oscars here in australia.

    This is the best day of my (well so far anyway) Me and Brianna have been waiting for ages. Pirates finally comes out today horay. Why does everthing come out late here Grrrr its anoying.

  68. brianna-
    did they show the oscars in australia by chance???

    and have you ever been to america??
    lol j/w

    hey arwen!
    people are talking now!!
    woop woop! hehe
    this is 4 messages in one day!! :)

  69. Secret Window? I haven’t seen it yet, but I will this weekend. It is about an author with writer’s block, and he comes up with this ending, and some old guy comes and says the ending was his first, fix it or else, ect. ect.
    Johnny plays the writer, in half of the movie he is wearing a ripped up bathrobe.

  70. dose anyone love johnny as much as i do? hey
    “johnny depp freak” you are the best porson in the world you alomost love him as much as i do!
    hey….. can anyone tell me about johnny’s new movie coz i live in australia and it dosen’t come out untill the 8th of april here!!!
    that fu**in’ sucks!!!!!!

  71. hey yall!
    i live in new orleans and this past weekend…March 12-14 2004, pirates of the caribbean was filming here, yes…Johnny and Orlando~~~~
    cant wait till it comes out!!

  72. I’m sorry Arwen

    nothing has been going on here :(

    it got boring so lets start a conversation…
    umm if we can….

    so yea… secret windows coming out soon! that looks good….

    ok my part of the conversation is done lol

  73. JOHNNY DIDN’T WIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I stayed up until after 11:00 to see Johnny lose!?!?!?! No, I stayed up too see Johnny at all…It was worth it.
    Keisha Castle-Hughes didn’t win either, but the person that won did pretty good, and she had a hard role to play. She is so lucky!!! She got too meet Johnny, because she told the guy she wanted to, I want to also!!
    LOTR Won everything they were nominated for, sort of scary. That is 11 oscars for a single movie!

  74. quick question
    if anyone can answer this before 1:00 est it would be GREATLY appreciated… :)

    im just making sure cuz i gotta tape the oscars tonight cuz i wont be home :(
    they are on at 8:00 on ABC?? and does the pre-stuff start at 7:00??

  75. yea, i guess if you think about it, it does seem like he was going to be suave…

    the plot was also great
    it wasn’t one of those movies where every question is answered..
    some of it was like cliffhangers

  76. I was very impressed with his character. I was also surprised by it too. Didn’t it seem like he was going to be more suave’ in the begining of the movie?

    He then became somewhat the underdog, but was always the main character of focus.

  77. Im still here, I didn’t say anything, doubted that anybody would come back. It took me forever to find the site again, I kept misspelling caribean, but I finally got here

  78. i missed you love for jack sparrow….
    this movie blog thing hasn’t worked for about a week so i had to find it somewhere else and i was scared….very scared

    so if i dont come back for a while or dont come back at all…thats why..the page wouldnt worked

    maybe thats what happened to other people…

    and love 4 jack sparrow…where have you been?

  79. First of all, Im not mad at Jaq or anything.

    Second, I think you could be jaq…hmm…

    Third, im going to see secret window the day it comes out with my best friend…I cant wait…only 26 days…

    I just saw butterfly effect, it is soooo good.

  80. jaq is girl. its short for jacquelynne. i know her. she acts soooo much like jack sparrow its scary. ya she called me up rite after she posted that and said sum1 had told her oscars were “tonite”. so ya i cleared it w/ her and then she got sad…neways ya u really needed 2 kno that! i am soooo bored!! where IS every1!!! jaq isnt even here nemore!!!now thats just scary. neways ~peace out dudes~ wow that was fun SUM1 give me SOMETHING 2 do!!!! sry if im annoying u im very good at it! :)

  81. “Who, decides what is normal? And why? Some of the things that are considered to be normal in our society seem to be pretty bizarre to me.” For instance? “Golf. Bowling. Politicians.”
    -Johnny Depp

  82. hi. We must stick together before we die of sorrow

    I love Johnny. If I had a boyfriend, I would be tinking of him in these few hours before Valy’s day, but I must think instead of Johnny, what horror,lol

  83. where are my friends??

    im still sad….

    even though i have other friends here on this blog thing…its just not the same… arwen, love 4 jack sparrow….we must never abbandon eachother…..

    i ate cheesy potatoes the other day and thought…cheesy potatoes would be nothing without onions (agree??)…then i thought of my friends


  84. im boycotting valentines day. its a stupid holiday fabricated by the greeting card companies to get people to buy pointless merchandise. anyone wanna join the cause??

    “do it you dobs! or its you we’ll load into the cannons!”

  85. Wow, I’m sure you do. We are supposed to write multi sentence responses.

    Today was funny, because everyone was handing out valentines on Friday the 13, like assuring that your love life is doomed or something. kinda ironic.

  86. My computer does that too, Cindy. 1 month till secret window!!!!!!!!!!! I have no pics of nebody, but I scratched J D on my wall(It is so fun to scratch the paint off, and we are about to get it repainted anyway) and the pics in my head are enough…
    Do you like Johnny or Jack Sparrow best?
    g’night everyone

  87. Ummm, let’s see, try http://www.johnnydeppzone.com i used to know the three main ones, i of most of my 135 pictures from the interent, two i (stole) got from People Magazine in a Chiroprators waiting room, um, on fron a newspaper, 3 from a friend and the other 129 i got from the internet… very good pics!

  88. yay this site works, the other one wont let me post anything its really annoying! it keeps saying theres an error and that im not allowed to post comments. grrrr i hate the internet!

  89. hahah very funny lol laugh out loud.. newhoo i found dis other blog thingi about pirates..but u have to wait or them to answer..sucks ass

  90. I dont own any of Johnny’s movies, so I gotta go rent them, and we havent rented movies in a while. I have no idea why I had my panic attack, probably because none of my friends are going to the same high school as me, and I really hate talking to people I dont no, but I hate being alone more. I dont go to church, so her dad hates me.

    On a lighter note, yay! I still dont no who Sean Penn is, but all that matters is that Johnny is ahead! There are 30 days until Secret Window.

  91. dont feel bad, get glad. That is what I need to do. I had a panic attack at my high school orientation thingy a couple hours ago. It really scared me.
    I haven’t seen Johnny for over three weeks now, maybe that is what is causing my stress:(
    And the sad thing is, Im telling you all of this because Im not allowed to talk to my best friend(her dad said so).

  92. Just so ya know, unless you’re a voting member of teh Academy – which you’re not – and neither am I, then you can’t vote for an Oscar winner.

    Wanna be a voting Member of the Academy? Good: Here’s how:
    – become a member of the SAG. or the Director’s guild.. whatever.
    – make, produce or act in lots of movies and make LOTS of people lots of money.
    There. done. Two easy steps.

  93. You were mean to poor jaq…lol…The Grammys sucked, there was barely any talent in the winners. There were only a few people who actually got what they deserved… Christina definately deserved the XXXXXXX award, which she actually got a trophy for. If the oscars are as corrupt as the grammys were, Johnny might not win…at any rate, he definately deserves it.

  94. lol continue voting everyone!!!! Johnny cannot be beat! he is our hope, he is our victor, he is…um…gonna win! so vote johnny for the 70 something th Oscars!!!!

  95. You stupid-Head! the GRAMMY’S are on tonight!!! Loser! The Oscars are on Febuary 29,2004 at 8:00pm est!! Don’t EVER scare me like that again!!!!

  96. i voted!! yay! where are my amigos and the spanish chic? donde estan!? oh well, RIP mi amigos! POTC2 begins filming when? let me know asap!!!

  97. G’morning.
    The previous statement was about Once apon a time in Mexico, not potc. Im eating ramen right now, yum. No more Rasberry chocolate truffle coffee, though.

  98. Well I cant exactly count down the days…
    We dont need no edukation… srry, stuck in head…
    I count down the days kinda until secret window, but I want to see Butterfly effect more.
    Most other people don’t seem to be sticking to the potc subject extremely well. That is probably because I put like half of the comments on, but whatever.

  99. lol good job sticking to the rules guys! but there is always room for improvement!! lol I use to count down the days until potc2, but i forgot, oh well, yes, lol vote for johnny!

  100. tell me if its good. I am so happy!!!!!!!!! I just got my progress report and I havent had`such a good one in 2 yrs…strait B&C’s to strait A’s…!!!!!!!!!! I wonder what Johnny will look like in Charlie and the Chocolate Factory…hmm
    mmmmmmmmm, rasberry chocolate truffle coffee.

  101. yay!! thats just what i wanted
    people to vote for johnny depp cuz whoever that bill murray guy is, is close so we need him to win!! and i dont think any “bill murray fans” will go on a site and ask people to vote for that guy…so that means johnny depp will win!

    do you guys see my strategy? lol

    so… yea… everyone vote!

  102. Time matters…I am just counting down the time ontil potc 2! I went to that site to vote…yay, Johnny’s winning! Who the hell is bill murray? No one, in comparison to Johnny. why is he such a close second? Just proves even more that this world is going insane.

  103. lol guys… you know the rules…. we can only talk about things that pertain to POTC or POTC2…If you want to talk about what time it is find a chat room,it costs money… unless you help pay to keep the stie running, try to stick with the rules. I’m trying to be Day-vuhl’s friend! lol ;)

  104. Thnx, now I feel loved. The movie rocked, but it probably would have sucked if they had cast the actors wrong (Imagine if Johnny wasn’t Captain Sparrow!). Orli was kinda mandatory also, kinda sorta. You can tell who MY favorite is :)

  105. no i didnt forget you…it was just pot(c) and johnnydeppfreak left…and love 4 jack sparrow was sad about it so i was saying you can be my friend and blah blah

    but you are my friend arwen or lalalalala :)

  106. You are forgetting me and it is hurting my feelings. That is okay, in my own little wonderland I have certain georgeous guys- no make that one particularly sexy guy- to keep me company.

  107. aww! lol
    i will be your friend GLJD. I did that all the time, but we haven’t talked about onions in a while. okay, new subject, im missing them too much!

  108. i really do hope its a vacation they are on…

    last message from them was the 28th… and todays the 5th…and there is 31 days in january so that means….(counting on fingers)…8 days ago was the last we heard :(

    you know…they are gonna feel really special if they come on the website again and see all this stuff about them here and what a happy day it will be..

  109. aalright, i declaire this day national POT(C) and Johnnydeppfreak Memorial Day. Here’s a tribute to my dearest friends on the web….

    You guys were my right arm, the thing i thought about the most in English and Spanish.

    You guys made vegitables fun for me and made me lmao until my a fell o.

    You still remain in our memeories and never fade away so everyday we weep.

    Now I have to go because my extra extra extra Onion and extra cheese omelette is done, and my microwave is going beep beep beep beep beep.

  110. Good night all, since I know the hair on the back of your neck was just bristling in anticipation of my next comment. Johnny Depp is really one of the most talented actors out there, just to remind you.

  111. Just so you no, im lalalalala, I felt like changing my name. I wonder where pot(C) & Johnny Depp Freak are also. Day-vuhl probly scared them off…lol…They aren’t on the other site that they used to go to either…

  112. Too bad bout Orli. but did you know that Johnny got the sexiest man alive award from People magazine? I am sure you did, but I don’t nget any magazines, I just found out recently. Anyway, those people have really good taste!!!

  113. “we’re devils we’re blacksheep we’re really bad eggs,
    drink up me hearties yo ho
    yo ho yo ho ‘ouch!’ a pirates life for me!”

    did anyone notice that jack sparrow says ouch inbetween that song cuz he steps on something!?
    haha funny

  114. lol yeah! my buddies have been gone for awhile! aww! :( i miss them….

    BUT ANYWAYS! Yes, He is getting married.lol i don’t know to who, more than likely the person he’s been dateing for at least 48 hours, unless he’s puling a Britney Spears, but anyways, im gonna go ttyl

  115. HE’s GETING MARRIED!!!!!to who,is it that kate ,i cant remember her last name ,that might mean i have to change my name,should i? ill be back w/ more info in a min.

  116. i live in fl… yes, orlando bloom is getting married, my sources confermer it today for me. well, i thought i would let all the orlando bloom fans know, that everyone not going to the weeding is to wear black the whole time until after their honeymoon is over. If you are going tot he wedding, which i believe is in London, you are to object. I am just passing this on…. lol

    Hasta Luego

  117. ello all. I am in Science, and I am so bored. We are sopposed to be working on notecards for a black history project, except I dont have notecards(to take notes) so I cant. Nobody is doing what they are supposed to be doing, anyway. I had a &up this morning with my breakfast, so I had a sugar buzz, but now my energy is zapped. I told you this because I know you all care, and I have no one to talk to hwere anyway.

  118. Yep, I live in the good ole heart o’ Dixie.
    Ive been to Missourri. We sorta were going on a camping trip, but broke down in a rest station, in which we spent Thanksgiving. It was in Springfeild.
    Ive never been to Pennsylvania.

  119. hi orli lover (im orli lovers friend too (we live in PA i think) Icant wait for pirates of the caribbean two as much i love harry potter…. so…as i was saying pa has alot of talent but theres nowhere to show it off espcially if you live some where in pa thats not on the aol bl map….hint hint….so if any one knows about that let me know and …thank yuo day-vual for answering my question before

  120. Hey GlJD I live in PA aka middle of nowhere or the sticks what ever U like and I agree with LFHPfan that theres a lot of talet up in the sticks that dosent get noticed.

  121. hey orli lover

    what state do you live in???

    mi here

    and love 4 jack sparrow: you live in al? one of my best friends lives in al…thought id throw that in…shes a potc freak too lol

  122. hey “love 4 jack sparrow” I no U’r rite but see id read those if I was allowd .rite now my mom fussing over me reading the “gurlie pre-teen “magazine so its hard .but from my point of veiw olandos every where.
    PS I hope jhonny wins 2 and I kinda agree w/ wat u said

  123. Omg, today is groundhog day, isn’t it. Did the little ground hog see his shadow? Its so cold, winter is definately going to last a long time.
    I am so bored. Anyone got any good suggestions for cd’s? I like rock, like Evanescence and Garbage. I am getting tired of those 2 cds, tho. Pink’s new CD is kool, also.
    The Secret Window looks sorta lame, xcept that it has Johnny in it, so its gonna be good. It sounds alot like a Stephen King book I read, I dont remember which one because I read too much.

  124. Well, I tried to interpert the message right. I did pretty well, considering that besides our spanish class in school(which we dont have thanx to the major tax cuts in Huntsville) Ive only ever heard for the one week in which I was in Costa Rica.
    left feild harry potter fan, I feel you pain, except that people are right about almost every1 here in AL being a redneck freak.
    I wish I lived in Baja, Cali *sigh*

  125. lol thanks GLJD, lol in the second message i asked her what is happening in Baja, California. lol i don’t know if she said if they are filming there of if she lives there. she said the are recoding in Baja, had to look that one up. lol

  126. orli lover, refer to people and varity, and other BIG name magaizne companies, Johnny Depp is in those, not some gurlie- pre-teen, waste of tree magazine you but at the local wal-mart.Orlando is stuning on screen, and sure her may be “hott and sexy” but, Johnny had what 20 years of experience and on him and looks 20 times better.no ofense to other Orlando fansm just laying it striaght. BTW Johnny is SO going to win for Best Actor in Pirates of the Caribbean:The Curse of the Black Pearl at the Acadmy Awards! lol

  127. oops that was a short message wasnt it….? (rhetorical question just to let you guys know) ha..

    well anyways
    that spanish chik said she had a part in POTC2??
    that sounds cool

    HEY love 4 Jack Sparrow!!
    ask her about it in spanish..not only will it be cool to know her part..but also i wanna see some convo. in spanish! hehe (little things amuse me)

  128. the spanish chis said that she thinks johnny depp is hott, and she like pirates of the carribbean, and something about potc 2 and Baja, California. I take Spanish in School lol haha i think she said she has a part in POTC too, lol it’s funn to understand complicated things.

  129. dosnt neone write on hea nemo..i wouldnt noe i just started..da SUPA BOWl is playin..WOot WoOt..wut am i doin on da computer…cause im bored lol…well GO PATRIOTS!! WOOT WOOT! go raiders…….lol even though there not in dis years supa bowl..dont matter…


  130. hey hey hey ppl…my ash hurts lol…well newho damn is jhonny sexii..mayb old but dat dont matter..i cant wait till the sencond movie comes out on “05 summer..its gonna be off da HoOk!

  131. i was reading an interview about johnny depp at the POTC premiere and he said:

    interviewer: “Man, there are people crying because you’re walking by, that’s got to be weird.”

    JD: “Maybe I smell bad.”

    haha thought that was funny and would share it with you guys….

    can you tell im bored..?

  132. Granted, there’s always room for error on my call here, but if this movie is like any other successful movie sequel – you can bet your tail, that there will NOT be open call auditions. Especially for a Principle role. Especially when they could easily hire a famous person or a famous person’s daughter or son just to rake in a few more tickets.

    This is no shot against you, but if you or I were in the next movie, the general viewing audience of America wouldn’t care. And to them, that means fewer tickets will be sold – which means “less money” which also means “bad business move”.

    I realize how badly all of you want to audition for a big role in POTC2 – but folks… I’m sorry to rip open the book of reality here, but It Won’t Happen. Sorry.

    Getting a headshot, moving to California and beating the odds is your best bet. Don’t hope for anything until you’ve done at least that “much”.

  133. day-vuhl, im sorry about that last message…..

    i think this web site rocks and if i could i’d go on every day……. i was wondering i anyone did have any idea if they would ever hold auditions to a move in pennsylvainya(sorry if i spelled it wrong)because there is a lot of reall talented people here but everybody thinks where just all trailer trash…. i will say its really boring but some we manage….. i’m just saying that if the did american idol here of open auditions for a move or a show or anything so many people woiuld jump at the chance…… why is the world corrupted so..

  134. A mí ­e parece muy buena la actuació® ¤e Jhonny Deep como pirata y en algunas otras mas peliculas que he visto, por otro lado a mi me gustarí¡ saber un poco mas de 鬬 incluso si es verdad que va a ir a grabar la parte 2 de los piratas del Caribe en Baja California.Si alguien sabe de eso se lo agradecerí¡¼/p>

    translation (I think):
    Johnny is a very good actor as a pirate and in more peculiar roles that he has had. I would like to know a bit more of auditions for potc 2, and if they are coming to California . If you know of it contact me

  135. I am going to see Don Huan Demarco or benny and June again, but i cant find it at the video rental. Too bad. He is most sexy, beautiful, and succulent as Jack Sparrow, though!!

  136. A mí me parece muy buena la actuación de Jhonny Deep como pirata y en algunas otras mas peliculas que he visto, por otro lado a mi me gustaría saber un poco mas de él, incluso si es verdad que va a ir a grabar la parte 2 de los piratas del Caribe en Baja California.Si alguien sabe de eso se lo agradecería

  137. um,lol no clue. Once Upon a Time in Mexico was VERY good, I recomind if you haven’t seen it, go and see it ASAP! It is sad in the endm and any Johnny Depp fan will agree with me and, no, he doesn’t die!

  138. Yeah… what Day-Vuh said.

    No seriously… if you want to have huge and onging conversations about the movie… that’s fine… but this isn’t a chat room.

    Thanks for your participation on the site… but like Day-Vuh said, pointless off topic messages to eachother are bogging the system down. If it keeps up I’ll have to close the comments on this post. Thanks.

  139. ********ANOTHER MESSAGE FROM DAY-VUHL*********

    Okay folks, look…
    I appreciate that you guys are having a blast on our board – it’s quite a novelty actually.

    But in the past week, you’ve gone from leaving roughly 10 messages a day to well over 100 messages a day.

    If you need to talk about pepsi, or who’s online, or need to tell people you’ll “brb” – please do it over an Instant Messenger. Quite simply, your FLOOD of messages is making access to the rest of the site a little difficult. (as you can see, there have been a rash of random message deletes today simply because the system had a hard time organizing them)

    I appreciate your interest, but please if you leave a post, Leave a POST as in *Multiple sentences*. We simply can’t handle a tsunami of random anecdotes about nothing.


  140. doesn’t any one go on here anymore besides.. POT(C) and JDF? I still think Johnny is ugly, but he is a good actor! Orlando is a hottie! You guys are so wrong! Whatever you say I don’t care, but you are making a mistake, Orlandois the hottest!

  141. Yes! I got Benny and Joon! I got Benny and Joon! I g-o-t Benny a-n-d Joon! Y-e-a-h! F-i-n-a-l-l-y! Oh, wait that ain’t Benny and Joon, thats just a photo! That’s how bad I want that movie, but I can’t order it from the Internet! Too bad, thats the only place you can find it!

  142. Hey, POT(C) some of those Orlando photos are mine. (27 of the Orlando photos are mine!) But who cares you can have them anyway! Ya, some of the (geeky) girls at school always change the subject!

  143. ********ATTENTION JOHNNY DEPP PEOPLE***********

    I’m just keeping you all informed.
    – As you know, running a website costs money.
    – And the more “stuff” that gets downloaded from that site, the pricier it gets.
    – whenever one of you reads or posts a new message, you are also downloading the 400 or so messages in this board.
    – multiply that by a few hundred times an hour, over a month, and that’s pretty expensive.

    – That is the ONLY reason why 90% of your older messages are gone. no one’s banned. No one’s being punished, we’re just saving money.

    That is all.
    As you were.

  144. well about the movie- potc……it is the best!!!! i watched it 14 times…which doesnt seem a lot to all you people with 100 or w/e you said! lol but im still going…. great acting all around especially johnny depp!! *sigh

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