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New Documentary On Piracy

Story submitted by: aSm You can submit a post here A new documentary shows the extent of piracy in Canada and other countries. Coming in at just under 2 hours and is just fascinating! I (John) watched it earlier this morning and was really engaged in it. The documentary primarily … [Read More]

Slasher documentary

From Reuters through Yahoo the news is that there’s a new documentary on the move by Jeff McQueen is to film a documentary called Going to Pieces: The Rise and Fall of the Slasher Film, and his take sounds quite interesting: “We’re planning to emulate the surprises, twists and turns … [Read More]

World Cup 2006 Documentary

For all you football (soccer) fans out there, this one’s for you. The director Michael Apted is planning on filming a documentary of the World Cup, except it seems, from s other viewpoints than just football. From Film Stew: Daily Variety reports the Michael Apted Football Project is already in … [Read More]

George Michael documentary

Twitch come up with some real gems sometimes, and this looks like one of them. A French documentary about the life of George Michael, from Wham to Freedom, to Sony to Let’s go…well, you know the rest. The 4.9Mb downloadable Quicktime trailer is really badly edited, Twitch are right in … [Read More]