Shrek Rules the Box Office

Wow. I expected Shrek 2 would take the top spot at the box office but not like this … and judging from the quotes I’ve seen from Dreamworks execs today they’re all pretty stunned too. The big green guy opened with $106 million over the weekend, $127 mil if you … [Read More]

Looking for the Fahrenheit 9/11 Trailer?

The Trailer has finally been released! Click Here For The Trailer [CURRENTLY BACK UP!! as of June 5th] Alternate Downloads: Official Trailer in Full Quicktime on [Currently Up] [Currently Up] [Currently Up] The trailer is released to theatres today (June 4th), so you could always get out … [Read More]

Michael Moore Wins Palme D’Or

Well all you Michael Moore haters here’s the thing. The man may still have a weight problem but he also now has the most prestigious film award in the world. Cannes just announced their winners and Fahrenheit 9/11 took home the Palme D’Or as best picture. I’m actually a little … [Read More]

THX 1138

I am shamed to think that I have never seen this movie. I intend to resolve this. George Lucas’ first feature film is coming back to theatres to promote the DVD Release. In 1971, a visionary filmmaker named George Lucas created a chillingly prescient look at a disturbing future world … [Read More]