Kevin Costner is doing baseball again

You know, just when you think Kevin Costner might be getting his career back on track (Open Range) he goes and does something like this. What is he thinking? From Empire Movies: New Line Cinema has picked up North American distribution rights to writer-director Mike Binder’s “The Upside of Anger”, … [Read More]

The Asian Influence on Hollywood

I found this interesting little article on the history of Asian film making and how it has influenced the western entertainment industry. A really good read, but Bubba would be better to critique it than I would. Anyway, here’s an excerpt from the article found at CHUD: It can be … [Read More]

Freddy vs Jason vs ASH

Was swimming up Dark Horizons website today and came across some news that may make today the greatest day of my sad little pathetic life. It looks like the early rumors were true and New Line is developing a Freddy vs Jason 2 project, but this time it will have … [Read More]

My Oscar Surprises

For the most part, I had to agree with all the winners of last nights show. However, a couple of awards stood out to me as being a little bit surprising: 1) Johnny Depp didn’t win. Now don’t get me wrong, Sean Penn fully deserved to win Best Actor. However, … [Read More]

Oscar Results

It was a wonderful ceremony, probably the best Oscar show in the last 5 years. Billy Crystal was wonderful, you can just tell that the Oscars are HIS show. The program was crisp, it moved along at a nice pace without feeling too rushed and the special reflections and presentations … [Read More]

MY Oscars

Here it is, Oscar night. The whole reason we do this silly website comes down to this. The Academy Awards. We love the movies, they love being in them. I’m happy with that. John will no doubt have a list of winners soon and how he predicted it would turn … [Read More]

Sofia needs a burger

Just watching the red carpet stuff and Sofia Coppola was being interviewed. GOOD GRIEF! That little girl needs to eat something! She looks like she weighs about 90 pounds. Someone hand her a mars bar or something!