Elektra Reviews

This one hurts folks… deep in my heart it hurts. Everyone around here knows of my fondness for Jennifer Garner, so while the trailers for Elektra haven’t been any good, I’ve still been holding out hope that this DareDevil spin-off would be quality stuff. The, the movie itself may not … [Read More]

Disney to remake Tron

Tron was an amazing movie when it came out, and watching it you still have a feeling of it being ahead of its time and filled with a healthy dose of style and cool effects, as well as some big names in early guises, perfectly proportioned to become a classic … [Read More]

More casting news for Superman

More good casting news, and again for Superman. James Marsden and Hugh Laurie are in according to Coming Soon. The Hollywood Reporter says Marsden will play Lois Lane’s love interest, Richard White. Laurie is in final talks to play Perry White, editor in chief of the Daily Planet. The two … [Read More]

The Movie Blog: Audio Edition Vol. 9

AudioDescription=Favorite films of 2004, Kevin Spacey confirming as Lex Luthor, Hulk 2, Sam Jackson’s opinion of singers who want to be actors and why a drunk Clint Eastwood should have directed the first Hulk