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The Rock is Johnny Bravo

Hold the phone. Where the heck have I been? Apparently The Rock has been cast to play one of the funniest (IMHO) cartoon characters around. Johnny Bravo! This is pure perfection in casting. I seriously can’t think of another person who would be better for this role. When it comes … [Read More]

New Legend of Zorro Pics

It’s almost a little embarrassing to admit, but I really enjoyed The Mask Of Zorro. It was one of those light and fun adventure flicks with some good action and decent humor that we just don’t see much of these days with any degree of quality. For those of you … [Read More]

BAFTA nominations announced

The BAFTA’s are the awards given by the British Academy of Film and Television Arts and are highly respected. They themselves say: The British Academy of Film & Television Arts is the UK’s leading organisation promoting and rewarding the best in film, television and interactive media. Renowned for its high- … [Read More]

Sundance reveals big movies

More from the Sundance Film Festival write previews over at Rope of Silicon with some movies boasting big name status. Pierce Brosnan and Greg Kinnear star in The Matador with Brosnan as a lonely hitman who meets a travelling salesman (Kinnear) in a Mexican Bar and they strike up a … [Read More]

J.J. Abrams says very little of MI:3

J.J. Abrams sounds like one of those amazingly talented guys. He’s running with Alias, Lost and MI:3 right now, and that doesn’t cover his upcoming projects: The Catch, a bounty-hunter comedy/drama starring Grunberg and Don Rickles. Pros and Cons, a drama about con artists working for the feds. What About … [Read More]