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Thought for the day I

Thought for the day I don’t think I’m alone in my hope to see at least a 40% increase in the amount of flamethrowers and acid-shooting guns used in major motion pictures in the next three years.

Return Of The King sets

Return Of The King sets advanced ticket sales record I guess this story doesn’t really surprise me. I can only imagine how many people in Toronto would snap up ROTK tickets if they were suddenly available tomorrow even if the film is still 5 months away. Japanese distributor Nippon Herald … [Read More]

Did You Like ‘The Ring’?

Did You Like ‘The Ring’? Then Keep an Eye Out For This One The director of the original ‘Ring‘ (which I liked better than the American movie based on it – notice I say ‘based’ not “remade”) is apparently directing the next American remake of his movies instead of someone … [Read More]

J-Lo bombs at the box

J-Lo bombs at the box office again I’ve been saying it for 2 years now. Jennifer Lopez is the most highly overrated movie star in Hollywood today. She may be Jenny from the block, but she ain’t Jenny of the blockbuster. Her new film Gigli opened this weekend with a … [Read More]