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DVD Flashback: David Cronenberg’s The Fly

Title= The Fly (1986) Score= 8 Summary= Directed by David Cronenberg and stars Jeff Goldblum and Geena Davis. This remake follows an obsessed scientist and his experiments with teleportation. After a human trial using himself as the subject, he is contaminated with alien DNA. This sends his body into many horrifying changes which transform hin into a monster.

DVD Flashback: Peter Jackson’s Dead Alive

Title= Dead Alive Score= 9 Summary= Directed by a young Peter Jackson, Dead Alive has been voted as the goriest movie of all time. A great movie for any lover of over the top violence and horror. Zombies, brains, dismembered body parts, kidney stones and a lawn mower. This flick has it all, plus it's damn funny.

DVD Flashback: Stephen King’s Pet Sematary

Title= Pet Sematary Score=5 Summary= The Creeds have just moved to a new house in the countryside. Their house is perfect, except for two things: the semi-trailers that roar past on the narrow road, and the mysterious cemetary in the woods behind the house. The Creed's neighbour is reluctant to talk about the cemetary, and for good reason too. When Jud finally introduces Louis to the mystical cemetary, this loving father learns that sometimes death is better.

DVD Flashback: Flatliners

Title=Flatliners Score=9 Summary= 5 obsessed medical students embark on a research project to solve the questions of life and death. After exploring a world we are not supposed to trespass into, the students bring back the spirits of their pasts, and not everyone is glad to see them. In order to regain their sanity and safty, the group must work together to stop the strange phenomenon which has begun and protect each other from harm. This Sci-Fi Thriller directed by Joel Schumacher stars the young cast of Kiefer Sutherland, Julia Roberts, William Baldwin, and Oliver Platt. It's an eye catcher on any DVD shelf.

DVD Flashback: Splash

Title=Splash Score=7 Summary= Great comedy about falling in love, doing what ever it takes to be with the one you love, and mermaids. Stars Tom Hanks, Daryl Hannah, Eugene Levy and the late great John Candy. A great old flick that is fun from start to finish. Revisit these stars to when they were begining there carriers and see what it was that made them who they are today.

Richard reviews Prey Alone

Title=Prey Alone Score=8 Summary=A tight, dark and tense movie which turns into a Hollywood sized action picture with some superbly crafted scenes. Great effects which don't overpower the movie, and the biggest thing of all is the story, great reveal and a well woven story lifting you to the finale. An excellent short.

Banlieue 13 Review

All righty, well the Toronto Film Festival wrapped up a number of days ago and while I didn’t get a chance to see very much simply because I’m a poor, shell-of-a-man, I did manage to have open tickets to see ...

Richard reviews Sigaw (Echo)

Title=Sigaw (Echo) Score=7 Summary=Good cinematography, excellent score and strong actors, combined with a simple yet haunting script and you have a scary horror movie that builds tension superbly and makes you jump out of your seat, without slashing and hacking everything in sight. A very good movie that shows the Philippine film industry knows about style, acting and horror. Unfortunately it suffers from a not so perfect DVD transfer.

Brad Reviews Grizzly Man

Title=Grizzly Man Score=4 Summary= A difficult documentary to watch. Timothy Treadwell's lack of cognitive thought processes will both bother you and fill you with wonder. There are moments in this picture which could never be captured on film if it wasn't for this simple minded hippy. Poor interviews, with the exception of a few intelligent people who save this movie from being the largest collection of dim wits ever assembled.