Mo Baptiste

Cooties Official Trailer

Remember the Cooties game? You know, the one you used to play when you liked someone? When you touched them and told them how they had some incurable disease? Well, that disease was the Zombie Virus. The Cooties game is about a bunch of elementary school children getting infected with … [Read More]

Pan Official Trailer 2

Can I tell you guys a secret? I do not like Peter Pan. Never did and probably never will. Hook finding Neverland, the Adventures of Neverland, amongst the many other versions were unsatisfying to say the very least. Just the notion of a little boy, who can fly and fight … [Read More]

Steve Jobs Official Teaser

This teaser is one minute long. So, there isn’t really much to say. But, what I could say is goddamn, this looks great! The tone and atmosphere looked perfect. Michael Fassbender looks just like Steve Jobs. He even had the smug, ‘I’m about to make millions off of stolen and … [Read More]

The Intern Official Trailer

Academy award winners, Robert De Niro and Anne Hathaway, star in a lighthearted comedy about a retired seventy- year-old man being bored. Deciding to spice things up, De Niro applies to become an intern at a growing online fashion site. When I first heard the premise, I assumed they both … [Read More]