Bounce Gets Busy With New Family Comedy “Mind Your Business”

Mind Your Business Bounce TV

Bounce TV is serving up a fresh batch of laughs this summer with their new original series, “Mind Your Business.” This ain’t your average sitcom, folks. Buckle up for a hilarious peek into the Williams family, a crew who throws the best parties this side of, well, wherever the best parties are. There’s just one teensy snag: these party planners can’t seem to keep the drama out of their own lives. Seriously, you’d think planning weddings and bar mitzvahs would be a breeze compared to their family gatherings. Spoiler alert: it’s not.

From Boombox Blues to Family Feuds

The story revolves around Lucille Williams, the head honcho of Lucille’s Place, a once-thriving lounge that’s hit some hard times. Forced to sell, Lucille gets a lifeline from her brother Henry, who steps in to keep the family business afloat. Enter Henry’s twins, Aaliyah and Alfonso, the dynamic duo tasked with breathing new life into Lucille’s Place. Aaliyah brings the creative flair, Alfonso keeps things running smoothly with his business savvy. Joining the team is Alfonso’s wife Kimberly, their son A.J., and even Aaliyah’s bestie Mia, a self-proclaimed jack-of-all-trades (jury’s still out on that one).

The new and improved Lucille’s Place becomes a hub for all things event planning. Now, with this crew, family issues have a way of turning into blowouts bigger than a college frat party gone wrong. Think spilled punch, misplaced decorations, and arguments that could rival a Shakespearean drama.

Meet the Family (and Brace Yourself)

Leading the cast is Columbus Short (“Scandal“) as the business-minded Alfonso, with Drew Sidora (“The Real Housewives of Atlanta“) playing his creative twin sister Aaliyah. Gospel legend Bebe Winans steps up as Uncle Henry, while the iconic Rolonda Watts (“Rolonda”) takes on the role of Lucille herself. The rest of the family is a powerhouse crew too, with Caryn Ward Ross (“Fame”) as Kimberly, Brely Evans (“Being Mary Jane”) as the enigmatic Mia, Bryce Xavier (“A Bennett Song Holiday”) as A.J., and Chloe Elise Ellis as the youngest sibling Jordan.

“Mind Your Business” is produced by Harvest Studios with Bentley Kyle Evans (“Martin”) at the helm as executive producer. This is just the beginning of Bounce’s summer fun. Things head up with the return of their hit dramedy “Johnson” premiering on August 3rd.

So, if you’re looking for a laugh-out-loud comedy with a relatable family twist, “Mind Your Business” is the show for you. Get ready for family feuds, party planning mishaps, and enough laughs to last the whole summer!

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