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Ricky Stanicky (2024).

Ricky Stanicky Review: A Lackluster Effort from Peter Farrelly

Ricky Stanicky is a comedy film directed by Peter Farrelly that follows the story of three childhood friends who invented an imaginary friend, Ricky Stanicky, to cover up for their bad behavior. For the past twenty years, Ricky Stanicky has been the perfect excuse for their actions. However, when their wives demand to meet the mysterious character, the friends must come up with a plan. They hire a washed-up actor to portray the imaginary friend in a wild night that is sure to have some hilarious consequences.

The cast is filled with a mix of established actors and up-and-comers. John Cena, known for his action roles, brings some serious comedic chops as he takes on the role of both the rough-around-the-edges Rod and the goofy, made-up Ricky Stanicky. Zac Efron plays Dean, one of the three friends who invented Ricky Stanicky and serves as the straight man to the rest of the wacky characters. Jermaine Fowler and Andrew Santino round out the trio of friends as Wes and JT, respectively. Lex Scott Davis plays Rod’s love interest, and William H. Macy portrays the talent agent that helps the friends find their actor.

The Bad:

Despite its promising cast, Ricky Stanicky falls short in many areas. The film feels stale and unimaginative, relying too much on predictable jokes and situations. The humor is often crass, bordering on offensive, and feels like it is trying too hard to be funny. Additionally, the characters are not developed enough to make the audience care about them or their predicaments.

The plot of the film, while unique in its premise, is not executed in an entertaining way. The setup for the movie is promising, but it never delivers on the initial excitement. The script, written by the director himself, feels as though it is going through the motions and fails to capture the humor that made Farrelly’s earlier work, such as There’s Something About Mary and Dumb and Dumber, successful.

Despite these shortcomings, the cast does what they can to bring some life to the film. Cena, in particular, is a standout, proving that he has comedic talent in addition to his action roles. Efron, who has proved himself to be a versatile actor in the past, is mostly wasted in his role. The rest of the cast is given little to work with, as the film relies too heavily on the Ricky Stanicky character and not enough on the other players.

One of the main issues with the film is the lack of character development. The three friends who invented Ricky Stanicky are portrayed as immature and self-centered, with no growth throughout the movie. Their significant others are similarly underdeveloped, making it hard for the audience to connect with them.


Ricky Stanicky falls flat. The comedy is forced, the plot is predictable, and the characters are underdeveloped. The cast does their best with the material they are given, but ultimately the movie is not entertaining enough to recommend. While fans of Peter Farrelly’s previous work may find something to enjoy in Ricky Stanicky, the majority of viewers will be disappointed by its lackluster execution.

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