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James Gunn is hard at work on Peacemaker Season Two!

It’s true, James Gunn is back and working at full speed on season two of the TV smash-hit Peacemaker! It’s a well-known fact that James tends to be quite active on his social media accounts. He also likes to answer the odd question from determined fans. On Instagram, a user recently demanded an update on season two. They said “SEASON 2 PLEASE”, and Gunn responded quite simply, and to the point with “Writing it now.” So, if you’ve just finished season one, and you’ve landed here trying to find an update on the show’s future, then we are glad to confirm that this is where everything currently lies.

PeacemakerSeason one of Peacemaker is a ton of fun. Based on one of the stand-out characters from The Suicide Squad (2021), John Cena returns to play the title lead in his own series. Set directly after the final events of The Suicide Squad, Peacemaker gave viewers an exciting chance to re-visit a tone that was comedic, awesomely gruesome, and narratively fulfilling. Somehow, Gunn managed to keep that The Suicide Squad tone running for an entire season. With that style going down so well with both fans and critics, it really is no wonder as to why season two got green-lit so quickly.

After recovering from his savage fight with Bloodsport, over-the-top superhero Peacemaker (Christopher Smith) once again returns to a life imprisoned by the commands of Amanda Waller (Viola Davis). She assigns him to another mission. Working alongside Clemson Murn (Chukwudi Iwuji), and a ridiculously awesome rag-tag team, they set out on Project Butterfly to stop a race of tiny aliens that have invaded Earth. Season one is a wild ride, that also takes an interesting look into the back story of Peacemaker. Personally, I really enjoyed this show, and The Suicide Squad, and I can’t wait to see more of that style from Gunn! Also, how can anyone forget that dance routine at the start of the episode? So, what’s your favourite moment from season one, and what would you like to see from season two?

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