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Secret Society of Lies Review: Unveiling the Layers of Deception

Secret Society of Lies presents an intriguing premise that promises a tantalizing dive into the world of secrets, power, and deception. The film delves into the life of a brilliant student who finds herself in a battle against a clandestine fraternity. As she attempts to expose their dark agenda, she discovers that the fraternity’s reach extends far beyond her imagination. While the film’s concept is compelling, its execution leaves room for improvement, resulting in a movie that captivates at moments but struggles to maintain a consistent level of engagement.

The film introduces us to Chrissy (Kristen Vaganos), a gifted student determined to unravel the secrets of the enigmatic fraternity that wields inexplicable power on her campus. This premise sets the stage for an enticing exploration of hidden truths and the fight against an entrenched network of influence. Chrissy’s initial determination and courage are well portrayed, and Vaganos delivers a performance that captures the character’s vulnerability and resolve.

The Good:

Luke Charles Stafford plays Nathan, a member of the secret fraternity who becomes entangled in Chrissy’s mission. Stafford’s portrayal adds layers to Nathan’s character, giving viewers glimpses of internal conflict, which is unfortunately underexplored. Azizi Donnelly as Sarah brings an element of mystery to the film, leaving audiences guessing about her true intentions. However, some of the supporting characters lack depth, making it challenging to connect with their motivations and actions.

Kristen Vaganos shines in the role of Chrissy, capturing the character’s evolution from a determined student to a resolute crusader against the secret fraternity. Her portrayal anchors the film, infusing it with emotional weight. Luke Charles Stafford delivers a commendable performance as Nathan, blending charm and vulnerability, though his character’s internal struggle deserved more exploration. Azizi Donnelly’s enigmatic presence adds intrigue, but the chemistry between the characters occasionally lacks the spark needed to make their relationships truly compelling.

Brian Skiba’s direction succeeds in creating an atmosphere of tension and secrecy, with dimly lit scenes and a shadowy color palette that mirror the hidden world the characters navigate. The film employs close-ups effectively to capture the emotions and reactions of the characters during crucial moments. While the visual elements contribute to the suspense, there are instances where the pacing feels uneven, causing the narrative to lose its grip on the audience’s attention.

The Bad:

One of the film’s significant drawbacks lies in its storytelling and pacing. While the initial premise is captivating, the plot becomes convoluted as it attempts to weave a complex web of political intrigue, high-ranking officials, and personal vendettas. The audience is left grappling with a barrage of information, and crucial plot points are at times overshadowed by unnecessary subplots. The narrative’s progression is hindered by abrupt shifts that can confuse viewers and diminish their investment in the story’s outcome.

Secret Society of Lies attempts to delve into themes of power, corruption, and the lengths people will go to maintain control. The film raises thought-provoking questions about the balance between individual agency and systemic manipulation, but these themes could have been explored more deeply to provide a richer narrative experience.


In Secret Society of Lies, director Brian Skiba takes on a promising concept that revolves around secrets, power, and a fight for truth. While the film boasts moments of tension and strong performances, it struggles to maintain a consistent level of engagement due to convoluted storytelling and pacing issues. Kristen Vaganos’s portrayal of Chrissy anchors the film, infusing it with emotional depth. Despite its shortcomings, the movie offers glimpses of intrigue and suspense that might appeal to viewers interested in conspiracy-laden narratives. With tighter pacing and a more focused narrative, Secret Society of Lies had the potential to be a captivating exploration of hidden agendas and the battle against insurmountable odds.

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Secret Society of Lies Review: Unveiling the Layers of Deception
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