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The Super Mario Bros. Movie is a collaboration between global entertainment brands Illumination and Nintendo, bringing the beloved Super Mario games to the big screen. The film follows Brooklyn plumbers Mario and Luigi. The Super Mario Bros. are transported to a magical new world through a mysterious pipe while fixing a water main. Mario sets out on a quest to find his brother, with the help of Toad and Princess Peach, and discovers his own power along the way.

Starring Chris Pratt and Charlie Day as the iconic brothers, along with Keegan-Michael Key and Anya Taylor-Joy, The Super Mario Bros. Movie promises to take audiences on a thrilling and action-packed adventure in a new and vibrant universe created specifically for the film.

The Good Things About Super Mario Bros.:

I absolutely loved The Super Mario Bros. Movie. The animation was incredible, and it perfectly captured the Nintendo style of art and translated it into a movie. The characters from the different Super Mario games are seamlessly blended together. It’s great to see Koopa’s, Lakitu, Shy Guys, and Donkey Kong all on the big screen. I particularly enjoyed Bowser, who really stole the show with his cheesy but fun villainous antics. Bowser starts off really menacing and scary but we see that there are many different sides to Bowser.

The voice acting was also fantastic. While Chris Pratt as Mario’s voice acting was great, I thought the other voice actors Like Charlie Day and Jack Black were even better and perfectly fitting for their roles. Anya Taylor-Joy is great as Princess Toadstool and overall I feel like the entire cast is a perfect fit for their roles. I never questioned the sound of their voices even though my inner child had already assigned voices in my head. The story was good enough to keep me engaged throughout the movie. I especially appreciated the way it intentionally tried to appeal to both kids and promote nostalgia in adults.

I feel like the pacing was a bit fast. Certain things happen in the story a lot faster than I expect, but it works for what the movie is trying to do. The Princess agrees to work with Mario lightning-fast! It could be because she’s attracted to him but it’s not super obvious. Bowser’s desire to marry the princess lines up with the old stories of the 80s. I thought it was a nice nod to the original source material to keep this attraction in tact. I think the Super Mario Bros. movie is perfect for its target audience, which is mainly children.

The Bad Things About Super Mario Bros.:

Additionally, I thought it was a missed opportunity for Mario not to use a fire flower. I would have been over the moon if he had, but instead, the movie doesn’t deliver. But seriously the critique of this movie is that there are some adult issues that are hinted at but not heavily explored. They’re not critical considering what actually happens in the movie but it does feel like a missed opportunity.


In summary, The Super Mario Bros. Movie was a very fun movie that I think is incredibly watchable and rewatchable. I can’t wait to see Super Mario Bros. again. The movie needs a second viewing in order to do a proper Easter egg hunt. I saw the various punch-out nods, but I know there are a lot more that I missed. Seeing the kids’ reactions in the theater and my own kids’ reactions made the experience even more enjoyable. My only real nitpick is that there was no Zelda Easter egg! While this isn’t a knock against the movie, I would have loved to see Link, the Master Sword, or Ganondorf make a cameo. I highly recommend this movie to anyone who loves the Mario games or just wants to enjoy a fun, action-packed comedy.

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Super Mario Bros. Soars
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