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The Last Of Us Episode 2 Review

Host Anthony Whyte’s Review of The Last of Us Episode 2. For those of you who missed it The Last Of Us is a new show on HBO starring Pedro Pascal and Bella Ramsay. Now the show is an adaptation of the Sony PlayStation video game of the same name. Now in this story, we follow Joel played by Pascal, and Ellie played by Bella Ramsey.

Now I played the PlayStation game The Last of Us and The DLC and I loved it. The game was made by the game studio Naughty Dog, the same studio responsible for the Uncharted video game series, and is a PlayStation game first and foremost.

The Last Of Us Episode 2 Review

The Good

The Cold Opening

  • I like how The Last of Us likes to do these cold openings. Like this show does this cold opening where we jump right into the doctor at the beginning.
  • Christine Hakim gives a phenomenal performance as Doctor Ratna.
  • This episode was directed by Neil Druckmann

The Environments.

  • The sets still look amazing. I may need to start watching this on a bigger TV.
  •  I love how the show is filmed so much in dark and confined places and they use a lot of over-the-shoulder camera angles and shots that seem very inspired by the games.

The Horror

  • I also love how The Last of Us toys with both horror and suspense. This is mostly a drama but there’s a real sense of threat throughout the show.

The Clickers

  • So the people who have played the game, I’ll refer to us as the initiated, knew from the moment that Joel and they were walking and they heard that scream in the background that sound from the clickers, we knew it was about to get real.
  • Joel teaches us about the clickers in this episode. Joel mentions that some infected can live for like 20 years.
  • Joel also teaches us that the infected act like a hive mind and can communicate through these things that look like roots that grow everywhere!

The Ending

  • This show ends with the Fireflies taking another L.
  • Shout out to Anna Torv who did a great job as Tess. Her time on the show was all too brief.
  • Pedro acts out this scene is incredible. He just turns around and he’s out.
  • Tess like stands there and just lets the infected kiss her. I dont understand that.
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