IT Trailer Recap (WATCH): A More F*cked Up Version Of Stranger Things

IT Trailer Recap

The IT trailer has officially debuted and I couldn’t help but to see Stranger Things in it’s every aspect. From the weird things happening around the small town, to the band of kids being haunted by something supernatural, the new IT trailer simply looks like a more fucked up version of Stranger Things.

Check out my exact reaction to the new IT trailer below, as I compare and contrast the key moments from the trailer, while discussing how much it reminds me of one of the most popular Netflix show.

Watch The IT Trailer Recap:

IT comes out in theaters on September 8th, so be sure to stay tuned as we cover a whole lot more.

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While we have a couple more months of waiting to do, you may as well watch that brand new IT trailer one more time:

Watch The Official IT Trailer:

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