Upcoming December movies

Movies never cease to amaze us, with great stories and new concepts every time. It is great to see how people working in the film industry give life to unique creatures and magical beings. In movies, we see things that we might never see in real life, and these give us hope and makes us more creative.

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Just like new games are always being released on Lucky Pants Bingo, likewise new movies portraying magic or evilness are always coming out each year. For the end of this year, many are looking forward to watch some great movies.

Friend Request

Planned to be released on the 9th of December, Friend request is a horror movie. This movie tells the story of a lonely girl who kills herself when the most popular girl of her school unfriends her on Facebook. But this lonely girl, Marina, starts to haunt Laura and soon kills all her friends to make her feel lonely… Will Laura survive this? Will Laura be able to get rid of the evil spirit? Horror movie lovers will love this movie!


Hidden Figures

Hidden Figures is a movie that tells the story of 3 African- American women who worked for NASA. These 3 great women helped in the launching of astronaut John Glen into orbit, making him the 1st American to make a compete orbit of the Earth. However, being females and Afro- Americans, these women faced a lot of struggles. Watch this movie as from 6th January 2017, to discover how they surpassed every one and made their way through.


Why Him?

The worst nightmare of a father is giving his daughter away. This movie tells the story of Ned who meets her daughter’s boyfriend, Laird, for the very 1st time. And yes, he hates the guy his daughter loves. Despite Laird being a millionaire, honest and bubbly person, Ned does not want him to marry his daughter. Will Ned be convinced later on? You’re surely eager as ever to know but you will have to wait until the 23rd of December.

Until then, hop onto Lucky Pants Bingo and have some good times!

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