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X-Men: Apocalypse FINALLY has a trailer



This trailer is amazing. Sure it’s weird seeing Katniss joining the X-Men but there’s a lot of great things going on in this trailer as well. I love the tone of this trailer and the sheer overwhelming fear of what Apocalypse will bring to the table. I think Fox has been playing this one smart as it’s obviously been overshadowed by the news surrounding Star Wars, Batman vs Superman, and Captain America Civil War. Heck, I forget this movie exists at least twice a week.


  • Storm is one of the 4 Horseman of Apocalypse!
  • Magneto is one of the 4 Horseman of Apocalypse!
  • Jean Stark Grey can only act 1 way
  • Jennifer Lawrence must jave negotiated her way out of the blue makeup process and somehow not being covered in blue makeup is distracting
  • They fixed made Apocalypse bigger
  • I guess Hugh Jackman really isn’t in this movie :-(
  • Bald is beautiful




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