Divergent Poster Reminds Me of a Funny Sexist SuperHero Meme

While looking at the poster for Divergent, the new movie opening this weekend based on the young adult best-selling series by Veronica Roth, I couldnt help but think of humorous and very popular super hero meme that addressed the sexualization of female characters. The “If the Male Super Hero Characters Posed Like the Female Characters” meme is below:


Super Hero Meme


Now here is the Divergent poster:




The noticeable body part on the Divergent poster is Shailene Woodley’s butt. It does no favors that it is directly centered and in the middle of the poster, too.  For straight males, it demands their attention. The super hero meme brillantly brings up an issue that female characters are sexualized for male audiences. It is an issue the industry needs to address. This poster continues the trend.


Why would Shailene pose in such a way? Additional attention is required in order for a new potential franchise to be successful. Hitting all “4 quads” is needed to be a hit. Female audiences will flock to Divergent, but the movie needs to draw in males. Shailene is positioned perfectly on the poster to garner male attention.


So TMB readers, do I have a valid point to point out the objectification of the female body on the Divergent poster or is my mind in the gutter?

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