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Do you even bother? By that I mean do you even line up for tickets anymore? I remember back in the day it was a common thing growing up where going to movies meant you actually had to be there on time and early. And actually lining up for a film and being late and the ticket agent telling you “sold out” was a real thing.


Sometimes if you were a kid you lucked out and there were in theatre promotions. I remember back to 1987’s Spaceballs and there was a cardboard cutout of Lone Starr and Barf’s Winnebago, the Eagle 5 that was being handed out. It was a pleasant surprise I was looking forward to as I lined up with my aunt that day. That was until the group of teenagers in front of us decided to not line up as a group they were and somehow managed to take all the remaining cutouts that the theatre had left. It wasn’t fair I thought, I remember there were 14 of them and 14 Eagle 5’s left. And I was number 15, so I missed out.


I think that might’ve actually been the turning point in my life, as to never be late to the theatre and always get there early for maybe posters, toys, or whatever else was being handed out. As a kid, it was always cool to receive free stuff but nowadays though, getting to the theatre just means getting a good seat. But I think that’s the point as we all have different methods or specifics when watching films in the theatre. It’s pretty easy to just go on the web for tickets right before a showtime or weeks in advance to reserve a seat in IMAX, etc. Convenience as it were seems to be the true selling point especially further with how there are apps for buying tickets too now.


It’s probably just a changing of the times, but it had me wondering about what’s changed for others as we all continue to watch films. What has become worth lining up for or even camping out for some? So do you even bother? I used to, but not so much anymore.



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