Wreck-It Ralph, Ask Me Anything with Director Rich Moore


For those of you who happened to catch Wreck-It Ralph this past weekend (like myself, fantastic movie by the way!). Rich Moore is currently doing an impromptu ‘Ask Me Anything’ over on Reddit. A bunch of questions have been asked already and if you’ve seen the film, it’s more food for the after thought. There is some 500 comments and growing, but Moore is doing a great job interacting with anyone who has comments on production, comments in general or those lingering questions about the film itself. So check it out for yourself or simply go over there for a read.


Check out the AMA here: http://www.reddit.com/r/IAmA/comments/12omde/i_am_rich_moore_director_of_wreckit_ralph_ama/


Via: Neogaf/Reddit




Our review of Wreck-It Ralph will be online sometime within this week.

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