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RUMOR: Masters of Evil in Avengers 2? Ultron?


Now you see that salt in your cupboard? Get it, this article needs a healthy helping before proceeding. All good? Ok, now according to the internet there’s some twitter account that popped up online not too long ago and started spewing all sorts of Captain America 2 details that were initially met with skepticism but were found to contain validity. That being said this mysterious twitterer going by the handle “Roger Wardell” has started some sort of scavenger hunt of sorts with the following:


I swear to you I just don’t have the energy to entertain these sort of shenanigans but thankfully there are plenty of people on the internet who do. Twitter sleuths eventually produced the following answer that may or may not answer the riddle:


A few bright minds from the Marvel Studios subreddit (led by CWATTS22) discovered that the numbers correlate to the release of Avengers Vol. 1 #54 The New Masters of Evil.

 Where are is this leading? What’s the point of me and my nonsense by sharing this with you? One word my friends: Ultron (the guy at the top of this post). In comics the “new” Masters of Evil made their appearance in the very same issue as Ant-Man’s android/robot/killer-machine-of-death Ultron made his debut. Radioactive Man is already in Iron Man 3 so it’s not too much of a stretch to think that they might keep the ball rolling on that conglomerate.
Now, this theory/rumor could have some credibility as I’ve noticed a lot of people referring to Thanos as the probable villain for the Avengers sequel but I disagree. The fact that an Ant-Man movie is in the works, in addition to the declaration by Kevin Feige that the Thanos story will be given ample time to be told and led many of us to believe that he would be an over-arching villain in the background similar to the Mandarin in the Iron Man films. Now Kevin Feige is known to change his mind on things evident by the fact that we’re getting a Guardians of the Galaxy film as opposed to the originally planned film based on The Inhumans. It was clear that Marvel wanted to go to space, they just chose a different avenue that helped re-enforce the Thanos theme.

Back to Ultron. This guy is badass and I know some non-comic readers will scratch their heads in confusion. Just think of his as the Avengers’ synonym for Bane and add “Impossible to kill/stop/destroy. Ever.” and you have an idea of a mad robot thats improbable to beat. Think Iron Man’s armor with an insanely high IQ and bases decisions on pure logic (like the Borg). I could certainly see this happening and would be a very welcome villain for the Avengers sequel, let’s just see if this all pans out and if this Roger Wardell is worth further attention.
That’s all for now…
Via: Unleash The Fanboy.

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