Dolph Lundgren wants Channing Tatum or Chris Hemsworth for He-Man


Dolph Lundgren ingrained himself into my brain with his portrayal of character “He-Man” in Masters of the Universe. That was like 30 years ago. There were hopes to revive and revitalize the franchise for modern day that’s been met with enthusiasm but minimal progress. When Dolph Lundgren was recently quizzed as to his thoughts on who would be a good fit he had a few choice ideas in mind:


You need somebody who’s well built and charming. And he can deliver a couple of lines of dialogue,” he said. “Channing Tatum? He’s got a naturally athletic body. You need realmuscles, you need somebody who is built.

When asked if Chris Hemsworth would be right for the role, Lundgren replied: “Yeah! That’s a good idea. I’m onboard.


Interesting ideas! I may not be a big fan of Tatum but Hemsworth as He-Man? That’s an idea that seems so fitting that I’m kicking myself for not making this determination on my own! Sure it’s a little similar to the roles that he’s already been taking in his recent film selection but is that such a bad thing? Let me know what you think. Tatum or Hemsworth?


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7 thoughts on “Dolph Lundgren wants Channing Tatum or Chris Hemsworth for He-Man

  1. Hemsworth, many other names pop into my mind however the age factor then pushes them out and a built pretty-boy that CAN act…Hemsworth. Better question is skeletor? Christoph Waltz? ooooooo Shia…who doesnt wanna see He-Man mess up that guy.

    1.  @WillLambert Hey Will. Hardy is an interesting choice and really made me second guess my initial thought but I’m sticking with my guns in that Hemsworth would be the better choice for He-Man. I can’t see Hardy with the blonde…

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