Michael Shannon’s Zod costume, Clark on a bike

I like this Michael Shannon guy. I think he’s pretty entertaining to listen to when talking about his roles and it gets me excited to see his take on Superman nemesis General Zod. Some set spies recently snapped photos of Shannon in an outfit that has some of the aesthetics of costume Superman uses in the film, check it out:

Via: Latino Review

It reminds me of the photos of Faora’s outfit for the movie and gives me the impression that this is Zack Snyders version of Kryptonian attire. I like the uniformity of things and am greatly looking forward to finding out how Zod will be different this time around with Shannon in his shoes.

Also are a couple of photo’s of Clark Kent riding a bike. Go figure.

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3 thoughts on “Michael Shannon’s Zod costume, Clark on a bike

  1. I wonder if there will be a little story as to the genesis of the glasses, being that this is an origin story, or if they are just leaving them out.

    Im not sure how I would feel about leaving them out…its like I know I should be mad, but for some reason Im not…

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