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I’ve been curious about the upcoming Mission Impossible movie for several good reasons. It’s directed by Brad Bird who’s previous credits were all animations like the Incredibles and the Iron Giant. It’s also some kinda pseudo reboot but not a reboot cus it has all the same characters. Idunno, but it’s supposed to be good so let’s take a look at this new trailer that popped up online.


WOW. That actually worked. It got my attention AND I’m interested to see more because of the snippets they provided. If I didn’t check the credits on wiki I woulda confused that hyper stylized visual cinematography expertise was created by Michael Bay rather than someone who’s probably never directed from behind a camera before. Those helicopter shots were pretty well done and seeing Simon Pegg with a gun is always a little worrying, and enticing. Overall it looks kinda good and I’m actually looking forward to seeing a Tom Cruise movie again. Good stuff.

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11 thoughts on “Watch the Mission Impossible Ghost Protocol trailer

  1. Not sure. It seems to have the same plot as number 3 only with a new team (why?). JJ Abrams rocks though so my faith is in him! And Simon Pegg of course. Cruise, not so much.

  2. Looks pretty stylish, it having the feel of MI:2 that goes as far as Ethan Hawk’s hair do’, the mexican standoffs, a mixed race beauty of african origin, but it’s not bad anyway.
    One thing raise my question, is Ving Rhames still in this one? i read that he is confirmed for the part & he is appear on the credit in some websites, but he is nowhere to be seen in the trailer. Am i missing something here?

  3. Looks pretty B.A. I wonder if Simon Pegg will just be the wise crack goof or actually bust some heads in this piece. Action scenes look awesome, can’t wait for this one.

  4. Oh hell yes. I love me some Jeremy Renner and that trailer actually has me amped to go see it. I’ll be catching this one at the theater. And props to whoever put that together. Over the last few years it seems to me that trailers have been lacking (I think its a result of trying too hard to not show anything substantial in order to get fans to go see the movie on blind faith based hype). But this one brings it.

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