Slade on ‘Daredevil’ ‘Deadpool’ and ‘Wolverine’

Director David Slade has come out to clarify his intentions for Daredevil, which is NOT intended to be a sequel to the 2003 film. In addition, he also twits about his dealings with the Fox planned Deadpool and Wolverine films. MTV reports:

While the original report described Slade’s movie as “a continuation of the saga,” that may not actually be the case.

The director took to Twitter over the weekend with a series of updates on “Daredevil” and other projects. In one particularly telling post, he writes, “It will [bear] no relation to the previous Daredevil movie in any way. We are at early planning stages and have not yet discussed any cast.”

The string of updates was triggered by Slade’s recent absence from the Internet. He came back and found what he called “a litany of false (and not so far off) rumors.” While He didn’t go into any further detail than that, Slade did take a moment to reassure fans of The Man Without Fear.

Slade goes on to say Fox is focusing on ‘comedy ‘ directors for Deadpool and thus considered himself out of the running and thought Chis McQuarrie’s script is ‘excellent- but suggests he wasn’t a strong contender as previously thought. (MTV thinks Slade should direct Wolverine and Fox offer Daredevil to Aronofsky)

So…now Daredevil is a reboot, some still call it a sequel…one thing is true. We will be getting a new Daredevil film sometime soon. However, this opens a new can of peaches. If this focuses on the ‘Born Again’ storyline (great subtitle for a reboot anyway) does that mean the storyline picks up after a previous clash wih Daredevil and Fisk? Would we get a ‘Incredible Hulk’ like opening where an origin can be done in a tittles sequence? Could we get that Frank Miller-esque Sin City- Spirit-300 style with virtual backgrounds?

Questions. Questions…

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