New Spiderman Uses Web Shooters

After the first image of Andrew Garfield in the Spiderman costume hit the net last week, there has been speculation about the metal discs on the wrists and if they might be mechanical web shooters instead. Cutting to the chase, MTV caught up with the new Gwen Stacy, Emma Stone, and just asked her outright.

Emma Stone said:

“It’s a device.”

Thanks for being so informative, Emma!

This is a change from the Raimi Spiderman films, but then, it is a return to the original comic book vision.

I’m really kind of “meh” about this whole Spiderman reboot. I loved the first two Spiderman films, but admittedly, the third was garbage. Does that mean you have to completely restart the franchise, and reboot the entire thing from scratch? I don’t think so. I have no desire to sit through yet another origin film for this character, and I certainly am not interested in Andrew Garfield (he just doesn’t do anything for me).

Anyone care about this reboot?

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22 thoughts on “New Spiderman Uses Web Shooters

  1. You are absolutely right…just because the third one sucked doesnt mean we need a reboot…however everyone involved quitting gives good reason for a reboot.

  2. i’m all for it, provided it gives us a fresh new take on the character. “dark and gritty” is a start. if this film can distinguish itself from the raimi franchise in significant ways, that’ll do it for me. the casting of andrew garfield is already a great start, as i find him much more suited for the role than tobey maguire, who did a good job but deviated much too far from the comic book parker. i was also skeptical at first but i’m getting more stoked the more i hear about this movie. another reason why 2012 will be a great year

  3. Absolutely fine with a reboot. I hope this film sets a new precedent in rebooting franchises, that being that it’s OK to quickly reboot when a franchise is crashing. Why wait? The franchise was dead.

    1. See I’m in favor of reboots if they stick to continuity or close to it. The last X-Men movie was utter garbage story-wise, I swear I’ll never watch another one if it’s Wolverine centric again. Ironman 1 was a perfect reason why storylines shouldn’t deviate too much from canon, arguably the best comic book movie to date from Marvel (Spiderman 1 was pretty good though).

  4. As far as origin story is concerned, really, I don’t mind if they do another one, since this is technically also for another generation. There are going to be kids who go into this movie who have never seen the Sam Raimi films. That being said, yeah, I don’t want it to be the focus of the entire movie, like the first 45 minutes or so of Batman Begins. So, yeah, I just want to go to be entertained, and I’m not going to make the same mistake with Spider-Man 3 and overhype myself for it. I’m just going to go in, and sit down with average expectations.

  5. If it’s anything like the Spectacular Spider-man cartoon (which is better than the 90’s show) then I’m all for it. I think they have a great opportunity to actually make a better Spider-Man movie than the previous trilogy.

  6. How explicitly is it a reboot? I mean there arent returning villians, is it going to be an origin story again, or is it more like Batman Returns and Batman Forever, a stylistic and cast change that doesnt contradict what came before.

    1. I hope it won’t be an origin story, tired of those. People who are remotly interested in Siper-Man, Batman, Superman… KNOW their origin, we don’t need half of the movie to finaly see the guy in the suit. He should start kicking ass right away. Also, the high school setting isn’t the greatest thing they could have done. I hope this is not the Twilight version of Spider-Man. I can understand that Green Lantern gets an origin story movie but are we going to see another one for Batman once Nolan move on to other things after his third and final one??????? Even Singer couldn’t stay away from some origin content in Superman Returns even though it wasn’t an origin story. WSe are damned to see the same thing over and over each time someone else gets his hands on a superhero franchise.

  7. I am a little intrigued by the reboot. I find it so unorthodox to just reboot the franchise like this and am curious to find out how it will turn out.

  8. I am in favor of this, Sony wants to use the right to the character that they paid for and Rami sent his characters and plot to lala land so a reboot was needed. I have to see it before i can condemn it, I am sure it isn’t going to be a straight copy of the Rami origin, I mean they casted Peter’s Parents and if you know the comics there is a lot of secret stuff involving his parents.

    1. Roman’s right. Cant boo it yet, if it sucks (which I think it wont)then knock yourself out. I’m game for all things Spiderman so, reboot is fine by me as long as they add more heart to it.

      Also hope they bring out another version of Green Goblin at some point, the Raimis version was just a Jet Jaguar(Godzilla vs. Megalon) Ripp off anyways (same helmet/mask and eyes!) anyone else catch that?

      More Spideys fine by me.

      Amazing Spiderman, Ultimate Spiderman, Peter Parker Spiderman, Web of Spiderman, and many others.

      as a Spidey comics fan, this doesn’t bother me

  9. It was going to be rebooted at some stage, why not now? Comic creator’s are always rebooting or giving us their version of a hero. It happens all the time.This is just another vision on the Spider man character.It seems to be closer to the source material except for the uniform. Not sure how the web shooters will play out but I’m game for a reboot. There were some great things done in Raimi’s version but there were things I didn’t like. Peter and Ben’s relationship for one was glossed over so you never really fault this great loss that would lead Peter to becoming Spider Man. Hopefully the new version spends some quality time on their relationship.

    1. I understand not supporting the need for a reboot, but why would you hope that the movie fails? There’s a chance that these could turn out better than the Raimi versions. Even if they aren’t better, at the very least they’ll be a different take on a very popular character.

      I look at reboots and remakes the same way as I do when different comic book writers take on the same character. Marvel currently publishes several different Spiderman books a month. All by different writers and artist. Each book has it’s own vibe and feel, but they’re all enjoyable.

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