Jean-Claude Up For Expendables 2… On One Condition

Jean-Claude Van Damme will appear in Expendables 2… As long as Steven Seagal isn’t involved, if director Sheldon Lettich is to be believed. Sheldon directed and wrote some of Van Dammes earlier films like Double Impact (and he’s trying to make a sequel), and he’s a member of The Van Damme fans forum where he said this

“JC seems to be leaning towards appearing in the sequel, as far as I know… If Steven Seagal is not in the sequel. From what I’ve heard it, [Steven Seagal won’t be, not because of Sly, but because of producer Avi Lerner, who had a few bad experiences with Steven.”

Hey, sounds good to me. I was dissapointed he wasn’t in the first one, ’cause he was probably my favourite action star growing up, and I don’t particularly like anything I’ve ever seen Steven Seagal in anyway, I cant take him seriously at all. However, it does sound a little bit childish of him to be acting like this. Any Seagal fans among you feel different about this?

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17 thoughts on “Jean-Claude Up For Expendables 2… On One Condition

  1. I disagree partially. Yes I want as many of the old action stars as possible, but I also feel that it is more enjoyable with some newer faces.

    Think of it as like a image of transition. You have a representation of action stars from different decades. For instance:

    Sly, Arnold, Dolph, and Bruce represent the older 80’s to 90’s action.

    Jet Li and Statham represent 90’s through 00’s.

    Steve Austin, Crews and Couture are decently unestablished as action stars.

    If we throw in Van Damm, we also need to throw in another 90’s dude like Antonio Banderas, Snipes or Russel Crowe.

    The older action guys only have a few more years, so I like this opportunity for some new talent to appear and be recognized alongside the old.

    Anyways, heres my dream cast identified like above:

    The Expendables (same):
    Sly – Old
    Dolph – Old
    Jet Li – Mid
    Austin – New
    Statham – Mid
    Crews – New
    Couture – New
    Rourke – Mid

    Obvious Enemy Team:
    Kevin Durand – New
    Jean Claude Van Damm – Old
    Mila Jovavich – Mid

    Competitor Mercs:
    Arnold – Old
    Banderas – Mid
    The Rock – New
    Vin Diesel – New
    Sean William Scott – New
    Michelle Yeoh – Mid

    Actual Twist Enemy Team:
    Bruce Willis – Old
    Wesley Snipes – Mid

    Obviously this is too much testosterone and ego to actually make it possible, but still fun to think about.

    1. @Jordan

      I can see your points. And I can enjoy those other filler guys in movies. I liked Crews and what he brought to the film. Coutoure and the rest of the filler are all watchable in thier own thing. Antonio Banderas I can watch in anything- same with Russel Crowe. But action stars? I don’t think of them as Action stars at all. They are Drama all the way with a few titles that kinda cross over the action plane. Ok, a few of them were action movies- but only the smallest portion of their work.

      I don’t think there was anyone I Disliked in the movie. But that’s not the point. In my eyes, The point was to get all the old school Action guys together. That was not 100 % accomplished. IF, every one of the MIAN old School Action Stars Were in the film, shoot- I wouldn’t mind all the other Filler guys. More the merrier. But when you DONT have all the main Action guys because of Egos , etc, then the filler tends to irriatate me. It’s like Well we couldn’t GET JCVD or Segal , SOOoo… umm… lets go with Austin, Coutoure and the rest of the filler and see how that works out.

      Aside from that, I applaud your list and Ideas abuot what another good movie could be like.

      Note to Blog Master:

      Can you find a way to let us edit our typos out? Once you go past the line that contains said typos, all you can do is edit the TOP linje or the Bottom Line. What a pain in the old booty. Like right there,I can;t go back and edit out the “j” from the word “line” unless I delete everything after it.

  2. I thought the first one was bad all they had to do was follow the Seven Samari formula and would have had a decent film this was no better than Harley Davidson and The Marlboro Man. cool actors terrible dialogue and plot and the action was ok except for the Terry Cruse with the TT Shotgun.

    1. @JCVD & Production team: Can’t we all just get along? Seriously, this movie is about the 80s/90s action stars. I wouldn’t have cared if the the Movie was a complete Bomb. It wasn’t the best, but it was better than I expected. BAck to the main point though. It’s all about getting Everyone from that time INTO the movie. AS a fan, I want to see JC and Segal and Dolf and SLy and Arnold (and Snipes if he’s free).

      Rourke, Crews, Coutre, Austin Shouldn’t have been in there. They were just filler to me. Why Rourke? He’s no Action star. He was a sniveling puffy Lipped Ladies man Pretty Boy back when Arnold and Sly were blowing up shit. Crews? Never heard of him before this movie. Couture – I remember he TRIED to get into the tail end of the Action Star thing, but I only remember low budget B movies with him. Granted Dolph made many B movies, but he’s like one of the KIngs of the B movie- I can watch him in anything and it’s cool. Austin… not an action Star. Just not big enough for me. Rock? ok I could see that- he’s got the acting chops for it and is believeable. I mean believable just when you sit back and think about any of them. THe Rock would fit. Austin- nah, Rourke- he’s tough NOW , after he gave up his weakling Pretty boy status to Drugs.

      I think it should have been:

      JEt Li
      Jean Claude
      Carl Weathers Would have been cool as a Military dude ANd since Sly likes him some filler, Rock is the filler on this list because he wasn’t an 80/90s Action star- not like the rest of them.

      1. One more thing- this is a one time deal- maybe a few movies in a row, but comon- in 10 years, Sly and some of the others won;t be able to do this kind of thing anymore. Sly almost died on the set as it was. This is no time for those stars to get all selfrighteous and NOT join up because someone else might be in the movie- Get over it. SHame on JCVD for saying no to the first one- he was worried about his part Seriously? Does the guy think he is a REAL actor? LOL. YOu’re all action stars it is what it is. It’s NOT the Oscars or drama , so leave the Drama out of it I say and all the Real Action Stars from that time period stand up, be counted and do it for the fans. The chance for this kind of grouping will Never happen again. Not from THAT Time period. I dont even care that Segal is fat lol- put him in the GD movie already. Get all the real dudes in the movie and burn that shit so I can add it to my collection. (^_^)

  3. Chuck Norris, Mr. T, Jean Claude, jackie Chan, Donnie Yen, Clint Eastwood, Harrison Ford…there’s so many more additions that will/would make the 2nd one great.

  4. Wekk, Seagal was okay in Machete, but that doesn’y really count. It’s not like the days when he was directed by Andy Dabis either.

    Besides…we all want Chuck Norris in the next film. At keast I do,

      1. if chuck was interested in this film, they woldnt need anybody else for it, he would just take on everybody, and round-house kick them into oblivion!

  5. Well Seagal would be out of his league here, he is older but outta shape compared to these other aging stars.

    Wouldnt want him in the 2nd film either.

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