Mission Impossible 4 May Focus On Younger Protege

It looks like we have some news on the upcoming Mission Impossible 4 movie that is slated for a December 2011 release. The screenplay is now done and the preliminary budget has also been worked out. The interesting news though is the fact that Paramount may cancel the making of the film if Tom Cruise’s new action flick Knight and Day performs poorly. Fan’s not need to worry, for they may also choose to focus on a younger protege which could be great for keeping the franchise alive and youthful.

The FilmStage Reports

While it is unlikely that Paramount will completely kill the project, sources are saying that the studio has a few options. One would be to take the focus off of Cruise‘s character, Ethan Hunt and instead put the focus of the film on a new character, perhaps a protege of Hunts. It wouldn’t be smart to kill the entire film considering the franchise is very well established. Paramount has also just committed to the Les Grossman film starring Cruise and apparently he made a big deal to get Mission Impossible 4 going and off the ground.

I’ve always been a fan of the Mission Impossible movies, especially the first one which was an amazing film. If they do decide to cast a young protege next to Tom Cruise who would you think would make a good fit for the role? In my opinion I would love to see Chris Pine take the role. How about you?

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